trace minerals and hemochromatosis

My mother-in-love has come to live with us for a while after a stay in a re-hab facility for addiction to prescription drugs. She is incredibly intelligent, a former therapist and contract negotiator for a major Hospital and doing very well.

She has hemochromatosis and can not have much iron. Her diet was TERRIBLE, i mean 2 pots of coffee, a qt. of ice cram, some type of flesh food and maybe a piece of fruit was her daily routine. Anyhow…what is a good source for her that does not have too much iron?

She’ll be eating our diet here, which I know will help her.


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi there, not sure what you are asking for, a source of minerals that is low in iron maybe?

    Just eating raw with you I am sure will help her feel much, much better. Leafy greens are quite high in iron, but they are so useful and I know I wouldn’t want to leave them out. Maybe see how she goes with eating alongside you, and then just fine with any issues that come up along the way?

    Eating raw is different than being cooked, she may react differently to raw iron in vegan foods, rather than the normal sources of iron that SAD people have like meat and dairy.

    I hope she feels better soon.

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