David Wolfe in Mad Mad House - from Raw Food Right Now site

greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

Thanks to Heidi & JS at Raw Food Right now I just watched the first episode of the 2004 reality TV show “Mad Mad House” with David Wolfe (aka “Avocado” – on the show).
I don’t usually watch TV. By choice I haven’t had cable (or a satellite dish) for years (ironically enough I gave up TV because of ‘reality’ TV—I mean who really needs to watch someone eat bull’s testicles? That was actually on “Fear Factor”.)
But when I was on Heidi & JS’s blog site I was curious to see what DW was like 4 years ago.
Honestly I found the first show to be a wee bit trite since I’ve spent most of my life in one kind of alternative lifestyle of another, but it had it’s ‘grin’ moments. The alternates, excuse me, I mean ‘Alts’ (DW was one of them) were interesting, but the ‘guests’ seemed so programmed, conservative, and stiff.

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