Animal Allergies

So I really want a cat eventually, but I became allergic to them sometime when I was younger. My lungs would never breathe @ 100% capacity if I stayed overnight at a friend’s house with a cat or rabbit, etc and I just had that allergic feeling in my eyes. I also had food allergies which are GONE since I started eating raw and vegan – no more bumps on the roof of my mouth from lemon and a bunch of other things.

I am wondering if anyone has successfully gotten rid of allergies to animal fur. Months ago, I would have thought this was a crazy question, but now I think that everything is possible.


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    thecavsman~ Yes, it and a lot more is possible if one gives the body what it needs to protect, maintain, and regulate itself. Maybe this will shed some light on the situation for you… This is from another thread…

    There are different models that “try” to explain what is going on… Here is yet another one. This was in response to someone who was asking about Lupus. One can substitute any “disease” or condition name for where this response mentions any other disease or condition…

    ... in a nutshell… A way to think (aka a model) about any “disease” is that the body is saying “I am not getting the resources I need to repair, maintain, and/or regulate myself.” Symptoms are messages of the body regarding these “dysfunctions.” The body is so amazing that when there is a limited amount of resources, it will prioritize how to use those limited resources according to what function/organ is most vital to the continuation of life. Resources for the body come in many forms and are interdependent. Resources can be nutrients, sleep, etc. Consider, what is named a disease, like lupus, is simply an arbitrary set of symptoms that someone grouped and made a shorthand for, it is not a thing onto itself… there is no such thing as lupus to the body. One model about how the body works (there are many models and as research “progresses”, models come and go, eg. leaches/blood letting were once thought of as a huge breakthough to “curing” disease. Today leaches have very limited use). Part of the puzzle (from current thought) of an autoimmune disease is that the cells do not communicate effectively. The body has a “master” list of cells it uses to distinguish “me” (eg. a heart cell) and “not me” (everything else eg. bacteria, virus, cancer, etc.). If a mechanism for cellular communication is disrupted, the body stops correctly identifying certain cells (there are different names for different cells being attacked like when cartilage cells are being attacked it is called “arthritis”. “Lupus” is another category of cells being attacked). Your friend’s body has incorrectly identified some needed cells as “not me” and is thus attacking (sending out white blood cells and other defenses to attack and kill a perceived threat) itself. The opposite also happens when a “not me” cell is incorrectly identified and thus the body stops responding to it as a threat and lets the “not me” cells reproduce (eg. cancer or virus). Cellular communication is a huge breakthough in understanding how the body works or does not work optimally. It makes it very easy to understand the “miracle” that happens when someone increases resources like eating nutrient dense foods, doing energy work, etc., that the body increases wellness. I hope this provides a door for further exploration of how the body works and that you are a more knowledgeable resource for supporting your friend.

  • right…great post…i remember reading it in the other thread and I agree 100% – I ever read that post over several times because it’s so logical. I realize that ALL things are possible as I have “cured” (don’t like to use that word as it acknowledges the existence of “disease”) so many things so far – animal allergies just seems like the mother of all things to heal myself from. I am wondering if anyone else has done it.

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    BTW, just because something hasn’t been seen to reverse or go back to optimum health, it does not mean that it can’t be… just the right combination of resources have not been met. When the “impossible” combo is met, many call that a “miracle.” Bottomline, it’s just how the body works… Like putting gas in a car. Oh my, the car runs again…. MIRACLE! For me, because I don’t understand the science behind it, it is a miracle that a car runs at all, a plane flies and for the most part, doesn’t drop out of the air!

    I also have a problem with the word “cure.” If one understands and uses this model, bringing the body back to a state of optimum health doesn’t seem like a “cure” to me, just “the way it works.” One example I use about “curing” something is… if a person has a “thingy” on a finger and cuts the finger off, that finger is “cured” of the thingy because the finger will never have a thingy again. However, it doesn’t address whatever caused the thingy in the first place (the body expressing it is not getting what it needs so a thingy happens) being resolved so it might show up as a thingy or a doodad in a another place. Or it might NOT show up again in any form because the resources that the body was using for the finger are now redirected. I think the word “cure” is part of the pharmaceutical model, and if one notices, no pharmaceutical ever “cured” anything!

    If one again or continues to deny the body of needed resources, the body will cry out in some way or another (disease, condition, other “symptom[s]”).

    Now, if one could stop the body from ever expressing it isn’t getting what it needs, THAT is a cure… or is it? (painkillers?????)

    The last thing I heard about animal allergies is that some people have a reaction (body mistakes something for an attacking enemy) to the saliva or dander of the animal. It is not actually the hair/fur. A reaction to hair/fur is rare. A person can be allergic to anything including water, etc.

    What about an animal allergy is different for you that it doesn’t resonate with you that it fits the model?

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