Are they bad for me?

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Hi All,

I probably know the overall answer to this question but am going to ask it anyway, any info would be really helpful..

I have had acrylic overlays on my nails for years now, date back to the time I used to fly as air crew..

Was wondering what info anyone might have on what and if anything bad can be absorbed through my nails.

We want to try for a baby next year and I want to make sure I am as toxin free as possible and ingest as few chemicals as possible, certainly things that can be harmful to a developing baby.

I know there’s a chemical abreviated to MMA which most dont use anymore but would appreciate anything anyone knows..

The ironic thing is that with the exception of this I am really careful about what I put in and on my body.



  • You’re right, you do know the answer. ; ) The more you simplify your life and body, you find more health and happiness. If we can get rid of the things we do know about, suspect or think about, the better off we are. Natural nails are gorgeous!

    Best to you and your future baby! Love those babies….

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    Thanks Mamamilk,

    I guess they’re on their way out then….

    I’ll be back on no doubt for pregnency preparation advice too! Yeay!

  • OMIGOD – yes, the arcylic nails are bad for you! I used to wear them back in my hair dresser days. Honestly almost ALL nail products are bad in some degree – the worst are the arcylic nails and the glue ones (bad because of the glue). Being right near your skin/cuticle, those chemicals get absorbed into your bloodstream. Yes, please stop using them esp if you are pregnant. You know how they tell pregnant woman not to have perms and colors while they are preganant – it is because of the chemicals.

    I wasn’t familiar with the MMA before but I found some info on it – just reading it makes my skin crawl!…

    In addition to the health risks, fake nails in any form that are held on with adhesives really weaken your natural nails. Notice how soft and thin your nails are after the arcylics are removed.

    I was never a big arcylic fan back in my “fake nail” days – they always felt like big blocks of wax on my nails. I wore them for a while than went to the salon quality fake ones that you glue on – eveyone thought they were my real nails. My real nails suffered underneath – it took me a long time to get them back into strong healthly shape. Now, my nails are so strong and thick and they honestly grow like weeds! I actually have to cut them down they are too long somtimes! And I do nothing to do them and put nothing on them! :)

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