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Ani Phyo's Coconut Breakfast Cakes

These didn’t work for me at all. They wouldn’t hold together at all. Is there a typo in the instructions? Did these work for you? I used the 2 cups of whole flax seeds, not the 3 cups ground. (It made a great crust for an apricot cobbler though!) Thanks!!


  • I made them once and didn’t like them. I ended up making a raw chocolate sauce to go on top of them and sprinkled fresh blueberries on top. Overall the texture was much too dense for my taste but I hate wasting so came up with the sauce and berries. Glad you found good use too!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I haven’t made them myself but if you used whole flax instead of ground then I would say that is why they didn’t hold together. Ground flax is like cement ;)

  • wow, i made these just this morning for my family. i used ground flax that i keep in the freezer. we had blueberries and strawberries with them. yummy. this is a good occasional breakfast/snack. not something i’d do daily.

    when i read the recipe i just assumed that you were supposed to grind the 2 cups of whole flax OR use 3 cups pre-ground. (i think once 2 cups whole seeds are ground it makes 3 cups total). my assumption was also based on her picture. it makes total sense that whole seeds wouldn’t hold together….

  • Ah! I see the light! Tomorrow I will try them with the ground. Thank you everyone!!

  • The first time I made these I used whole flax and it was a mess, tasted great though, but not at all like a "cake". This time I used ground flax and they are perfect. What a difference. Yummy as they were the first time. I wonder how chia seeds would work in this recipe.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I got Ani's book awhile back and had been eying those coconut cakes. They look nice but seemed like a dessert. Not that I am opposed to dessert for breakfast.

  • I made these again this morning for breakfast. It is just my favorite breakfast now. Definitely will become a staple in our diets on weekends or holidays when we have time for a more substantial meal. Usually we stick with smoothies.

  • rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

    my husband makes these ALL THE TIME. only he doesnt try to shap them as cakes he just thoes the mixture in to bowl with some crushed pecans and goes to .........

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    yeah you can't use the whole flax seeds. i use the ground ones and it works fine.

  • I believe the recipe calls for ground flax.

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