Unpasteurized Almonds

Hi everyone ! I just wanted you to know that there is a source for you for unpasteurized almonds right off my ranch in Selma California.

See www.California-Almonds.com for more details.

If you are out in California, or you know someone that can stop by the ranch, we would be happy to sell them to you !

Yours in good health, -Dan


  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    So, will these almonds sprout? and are they organic or not?

  • Yes they will sprout. These are IPM grown Almonds very close to organic. If you want Organic Unpasturized I have those too, Certified California Organic.

    if you want details on what IPM is see the FAQs at www.wholesale-almonds.com

    I will be updating our FAQs soon to explain all this. We are working lke mad men to try to get a way to bring Un Pasteurized Almonds to you. It is a lot of work because the so-called Almond Board is trying to shut down all California Growers that sell Unpasturized, but there is a loop hole if you come to the ranch.

    They forced us to stop selling on our main website, and now we have to reorganize how we have the web site information presented, and whew! the Almond Police are just running us ragged !

    We will have information on our FAQs about how you can fight all this. A group of us are taking the so-called Almond Board to Federal Court in just a few months. I will re-organize our FAQs and keep it updated with this information.

    Please remember! If you want to purchase unpasturized you MUST go only to web site www.California-Almonds.com,.. if you want IPM or Organic that is PASTURIZED then see our big store at www.Almonds-From-California.com

    The FAQs page will be updated by the end of the day to direct you to these places in a more convient manner. Sorry for the dust, but we are doing a lot of re-construction

    All my Best For now -Dan

  • Dan, thanks for all of your hard work. We appreciate your efforts and wish you all the best. Take care. btw, I purchased about 25 lbs several months ago from you and they are still delicious (and yes, they sprout). :-)

    On another note, can another loop hole be if we owned the trees? or a branch? For example, cow shares are available for people who want unpasteurized milk. The share owners actually own the cow and the milk, therefore it doesn’t have to go through pasteurization as it is for personal use (not being bought or sold). Can a similar business model be made for almond trees? I’d buy a tree share ;-)

  • Dear newbie and angie and everyone,

    First I want to say that I am here to help. To help both you and me and the cause in general. As much as I want to sell you my almonds, I want to make it very clear my primary purpose here is to share information about this topic. I have this information because I am a grower of almonds that has had the full weight of the law land on him because I just want to put a quality healthy product in the hands of knowledgable consumers and I hate government that is bought and paid for by big business. At the heart of this issue is only four major players, most of whom are on the Board of Directors of the Almond Board of California.. They want to control the spot cash price what is knows as the “field price” that the grower gets for his nuts. i am going to explain how this works in detail and post it later today on my web page. It is a complex scheme, but the bottom line is this: The California Almonds Board dosen’t give a tinkers dam about Food Safety, what they care about is power and control and the few members on the Board of Directors that own huge processing facilites stand to make monster profits if they can achieve that control. Again how all this methodology works I will explain later when I post it on my page. At the time I post it, i will drop a note here on goneraw, then you can stop by and have a look. Believe me, it will be an eye-opener for you !

    That said, I want to communicate to you the latest information on this subject as it changes on a almost daily basis.

    VERY IMPORTANT NEW NEWS ON THIS SUBJECT ! We (actually Cornucopia Institute’s Authentic Almond Project,) is going in to Federal District Court in Washington DC later this month to seek an injuction against the California Almond Board and the USDA. Mr. Will Fantle of Cornucopia has been doing some fantastic work and is dedicated and is tireless on this project. He deserves a lot of support from YOU. Please see our FAQ page at www.California-Almonds.com for complete details or se further along in this note to you.

    We have taken down our web store www.california-almonds.com and put up a doorway page there that explains two important things. 1) how you can still buy unpasteurized almonds from us and 2.) how YOU can HELP !there are a lot of links I have provided on that page and other background on this subject. I am going to update it on a weekly basis.

    In that information is a VERY IMPORTANT link where you can donate on a secure server to the legal defense fund run by Cornucopia

    There hase been some good information posted on here on goneraw by growers such as myself. Basically they have the facts, as they are at this time, correct: Basically we must sell directly off of our ranch.

    But we are going to fight that with YOUR help. If you can not donate money to the fund then there are things you can do that will cost you only a few minutes time. First sign the online petition. I give you a link on my page to that. Second, write a letter about how you feel about all this in your own words and carbon copy it to Will at Cornicopia and to all the persons in government power, the list of those persons is at the Cornicopia site, and I will also be posting a list of those persons and their email address on my page.

    For those of you on our mailing list, we will be direct mailing you some very important information on how you can fight the big money interests.

    Thanks for you time in reading this. All my Best for now -Dan

    PS: see: www.California-Almonds.com for the most current information. Rest assured that link IS NOT a ecommerce store, no one is going to try to sell you anything there. There is a lot of information there, it is a big page and most of the meat of it is more than halfway down the page. I will be updating it very often.

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