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canker sore on tongue

I have one of these right now and it’s enough to drive me up the wall. I’m wondering if there is something I can eat to help it disappear and I’m wondering why I get them. Any thoughts?


  • Hi I had the same thing and ate an avocado and it felt better. Try cutting nuts from your diet for a day and that should help. Nuts can disrupt the Lysine and arginine levels in your body which can cause this.Lysine retards virus growth. Breaking open a vitamin e capsule and applying it directly to your tongue can help and I let cucumber slices sit on my tongue and that made it feel better.

  • I used to get canker sores all the time, and I never figured out why! I don’t seem to have gotten many since I changed my diet and started taking probiotics regularly. Maybe eating more fruit is helping? I’m just not sure.

    But I was fortunate to discover a good treatment. Try swishing with lightly salted water. It’s bizarre, but it really does ease the pain pretty much immediately. The only drawback is that it will eventually start hurting again, so you’ll probably need to repeat this more than once. I do think this will help you heal faster, though—that has been my experience, at least.

    Whenever I get a particularly painful or annoying sore, I’ll actually put salt directly on it. However, unlike swishing with salt water, this is initially EXTREMELY painful. But it seems to dry up the surface of the sore, and once the pain from the salt is gone, the sore itself usually isn’t nearly as painful. The benefit is that the sore is almost always gone by later in the day, or the next day at the latest.

    Hope you find something that works!

  • i had really awful canker sores for about a month after starting the diet and then they stopped. i have bitten myself numerous times since and havent gotten any sores. maybe its a coincidence. maybe it was some form of detox. you might have to just push through this time. as for the pain i swished with saltwater or rubbed freshly sliced ginger root on the open sore. both methods are painful at first but quicken the healing process.

  • I have also experienced sores on my tounge. I used a high quality salt pack directly on the sore and stayed away from acidic foods that made it burn. That seemed to help. It was gone after a little over a week.

    I think the sore was a result of detox from cooked food. Just have to wait it out!

  • My husband and I started this raw life style 6 weeks ago – we are doing great. At the end of the first weeks of being 100% raw my husband got canker sores in his mouth, they were on his tongue, his lips and all around inside his mouth. This was due to detoxing – He had these canker sores for 6 days. The first couple of days he swished with salted water and on day three we found that a cup of water with 3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar worked great – some of the sores started peeling off right away. He drank juice through all this. Cucumber, Celery, Apple juice.

  • Lsbeth,

    Your baby is ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  • Well I have had this now for over 5 days – it is pure torture. I have tried everything, ACV, Baking Soda, Salt, Canker Sore patch. Nothing is working, in fact it seems to be getting worse. Ready to cut off the tip of my tongue – just kidding.

  • If you put a mix of clove EO and olive oil/whatever carrier you want, and put a drop of it on the sore that should help. It’s also used to help numb baby’s gums when they’re teething and helps to prevent infection. But be careful! Essential Oils are very concentrated which is why they must be diluted. About 1 drop EO to a teaspoon is what I use. If I remember right cold sores are some type of infection, like a virus, and the clove helps to kill it. Let me know if this helps!! :) Love, Peace, and Coconut Oil Hair Grease ;-) Alex

  • Hi Cskinner,

    I have copied a chart of lysine arginine levels so you can see it. Basically you need to switch to a higher lysine level through food or take a supplement. It doesn’t sound like you have considered this seriously so I hope it helps if you haven’t tried it yet. For instance walnuts have over 2000 iu of arginine and a low level of lysine. This is what you don’t want. I would be curious what your daily diet consists of so any imbalances could be figured.

    Ratio of Lysine to Arginine in Certain Foods, by James M. Scutero Transcribed and calculated using data from Agricultural Handbook, 1-23, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    Weight (gm) Lys (mg) Arg (mg) Ratio Lys/Arg

    Papaya 454 76 30 2.533 Brie Cheese 28 525 208 2.524 Camermbert Cheese 28 501 199 2.518 Parmesan Cheese 28 937 373 2.512 Parmesan Cheese, grated 5 192 77 2.494 Gjetost Cheese 28 231 93 2.484 Sherbet 193 171 78 2.192 Mango 300 85 39 2.179 Apricot 114 103 48 2.146 Apple 150 17 8 2.125

    Pear, dried 175 116 56 2.071

    Applesauce, unsweetened 244 24 12 2.000 Crabapple, slices 110 28 14 2.000 Loquat 16 2 1 2.000 Apple, dried 64 37 19 1.947 Pear 180 23 12 1.917 Apricot, dried 35 89 49 1.816

    Fig, dried 189 228 131 1.740 Fig 65 19 11 1.727

    Avocado 272 189 119 1.588

    Tomato 123 41 27 1.519 Turnips 130 47 31 1.516 Tomato juice 243 54 36 1.500 Soybean sprouts 70 386 266 1.451 Tomato paste 262 282 200 1.410 Pineapple 155 39 28 1.393

    Potato 150 190 140 1.357 Celery 120 32 24 1.333

    Potato, baking 202 283 214 1.322 Persimmon 200 55 42 1.310 Squash, summer 130 85 65 1.308

    Peach, dried 130 151 120 1.258 Black bean soup 247 415 331 1.254

    Peach 115 20 16 1.250

    Plum 5.5 90 74 1.216 Green beans 110 97 80 1.213

    Lentil sprouts 77 548 470 1.166 Lettuce, romaine 56 58 50 1.160 Lettuce, iceberg 75 60 52 1.154 Cauliflower 100 108 96 1.125

    Guava 112 21 19 1.105 New England Clam Chowder 244 251 229 1.096 Cream of potato soup 244 83 76 1.092 Spinach 55 98 90 1.089 Kale 67 132 123 1.073 Watermelon 160 99 94 1.053 Cabbage, chinese 70 62 59 1.051 Corn 154 210 200 1.050 Sweet potato 130 105 100 1.050 Turnip greens 55 54 52 1.038

    Banana 175 55 54 1.019 Asparagus 134 194 192 1.010 Oat flakes 48 583 579 1.007

    Beet greens 38 20 20 1.000 Endive 50 32 32 1.000 Leeks 124 97 97 1.000 Pumpkin 245 96 96 1.000 Shrimp 85 1500 1510 0.993 Lima beans, cooked 170 765 775 0.987

    Okra 100 82 84 0.976 Broccoli 88 124 128 0.969 Strawberries 149 37 39 0.949 Collards 186 140 72 0.931 Minestrone soup 241 183 198 0.924 Carrots 110 44 48 0.917 Dates 83 50 55 0.909 Peppers, sweet 100 38 42 0.905 Radish 45 16 18 0.889 Watercress 104 172 200 0.860 Swiss chard 36 36 42 0.857 Eggplant 82 42 50 0.840 Tomato soup 244 51 61 0.836 Cabbage, common 70 40 48 0.833 Wheat germ 180 1330 1790 0.743 Peas, green 146 463 625 0.741 Brussels sprouts 88 130 178 0.730 Tangerine 116 27 37 0.730 Orange 180 62 85 0.729 Onions, green 100 4 6 0.667 Mushrooms 70 48 72 0.667 Cucumber 104 22 36 0.611 Wheat granules 28.4 101 169 0.598 Corn grits 242 68 114 0.596 Snails 85 1250 2100 0.595 Wheat, shredded 23.6 79 133 0.594 Wheat flakes 33 101 171 0.591 Cream of wheat 251 98 166 0.590 Pistachios, shelled 128 1640 2790 0.588 Corn, puffed 28.4 65 112 0.580 Wheat, puffed 12 49 85 0.576 Squash, winter 205 902 1590 0.567 Bran flakes 47 177 314 0.564 Elderberries 145 38 68 0.559 Plantain 148 89 160 0.556 Oats, puffed 28.4 175 320 0.547 Oatmeal 234 78 147 0.531 Cashews 160 246 470 0.523 Chestnuts, fresh 160 246 470 0.523 Rice, puffed 14 38 73 0.521 Yams 200 89 191 0.466 Pumpkin seeds & squash 140 2530 5570 0.454 Garlic 3 8 19 0.421 Macadamia nuts 134 434 1200 0.362 Blackberries 145 17 49 0.347 Blueberries 145 17 49 0.347 Onions, mature 160 90 262 0.344 Grapes, slip skin 153 13 42 0.310 Grapes, adherent skin 160 24 78 0.308 Peanuts 144 1450 5050 0.287 Peanut butter 15 176 613 0.287 Coconut, shredded 80 118 437 0.270 Almonds 142 946 3540 0.267 Rutabaga 140 55 207 0.266 Pecans 108 315 1190 0.265 Sesame seeds 150 1240 4990 0.248 Hickory nuts 15 70 298 0.235 Brazil nuts 140 757 3350 0.226 Tahini 15 82 378 0.217 Grape juice 253 25 119 0.210 Tangerine juice 247 17 84 0.202 Pine nuts 28 256 1330 0.192 Orange juice 248 22 117 0.188 Hazelnuts 135 459 2480 0.185 Walnuts 100 466 2520 0.185

    Pears, apples, and apricots are good sources of lysine as well as collard greens. Also another source where lysine is higher than arginine is quinoa- If you could juice some collard greens with some apples and pears that would be an easy thing to try. I hope you can try something like this- what you are going through sounds horrible!

  • writeeternity,

    thanks for the info

    i usually have a green smoothie for breakfast (mango/banana/spinach/wheat grass shot/coconut water), avocado sandwich for lunch, salad at night- never eat meat or dairy

    i haven’t eaten nuts for quite a while

    i went to health food store and got a product with lysine in it but it is topical will see if it works

    now the whole inside of my cheek is chewed up as well – i’m a mess

  • Oh, the joys of detoxing ;)

    I know you are miserable but your body is going through a very important elimination phase. Just stick with it. Try fasting until noon, or longer if you can. Fruit juice/veg juice fasting will help to speed up your detox as well.

    Good luck and hang in there!

  • Hi cskinner. I didn’t mean to clog the blog with all that info but it was in a graph and I thought the graph would come out. I can’t imagine eating mango with a sore mouth! Maybe you could go to celery, beet, summer squash, quinoa sprouts, pear, and greens. I hope you can get through this soon. Do you ever take spirulina? That seems like it might help as well. I wish I could help you more!

  • It’s finally gone – thank goodness. Thanks for all the great advice. I’m not sure if it was the Lysine gel or just enough time had passed but it’s gone :-)

  • Hi,

    Canker sores could be caused by injury, Vitamin B complex deficiency or constipation. Canker sores can become infected by bacteria leading to complications. Hydrogen peroxide is a good anti-septic and also promotes early healing of the canker sores.

    Natural or herbal treatment is safe and prevents the oral sores from recurring. Get all the details from any relevant herbal or Natural treatment sites like Mamaherb.com or Altmedicines.com.

  • hi… im not a vegan or vegetarian, i joined this site because of this topic. i have a very painful canker sore on my tongue and ive had for about a week now, and it is not getting any better. i’ve tried washing my mouth out with salt water, ive tried washing it out with hydrogene paroxide, i tried washing it out with mouth wash, i tried blotting the sore with a cotten ball with hydrogene paroxide on it. It WON’T GO AWAY!!!! Today, for the first time since i’ve had this sore my throat has started hurting, and i feel as though the sore is moving further on my tongue, away from my mouth closer to my throat. i’m not sure if im imagining this, or if its really gradually moving instead of healing. This is not the first time i’ve gotten one of these sores. Last time i saw my doctor, she said she thought it was a sore caused by herpes simplex virus. I don’t know why i keep getting sores on my tongue, and i don’t know what’s causing them. Is it from making out with the wrong people, is it from eating the wrong food, is it from stress, is it from smoking??? I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, and i was smoking a lot more cigarettes than usual, but since i’ve moved, which happened around the same time i got this sore, i’ve been under a lot less stress. About a week ago i was EXTREMELY stressed out, by now, I’m not stressed out at all, the most stressful thing i’m dealing with now IS this sore, and its driving me crazy. I haven’t smoked at all the past few days because of this sore, hoping that that would help it get better, but its not. Everytime i eat, i hurts. I’ve eaten chineese food more than once since ive had the sore, and ive eaten spagetti more than once. I also tried to eat some cashews, and it hurt extremely bad to do that, so i stopped eating those. Can somebody please give me some advice here. I wanna know how to get rid of this sore as soon as possible, first of all, and i want to know if its moving closer to the back of my throat or if im probably just imagining that. and i’d also like to know, most likely, what is the cause of this sore, and why have i gotten these sores in the past and why do i continue to get them, and what should i do about it?

  • FeeFee

    I think I am right in understanding that a canker sore is the same as a mouth ulcer (Im in England). Ive suffered from these for years and when I was finally diagnosed with IBD I found that they can be a symptom.

    I found that using a toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulphate (the stuff that makes things foam) has helped enormously (as had a high raw diet), and my IBD consultant said that avoiding cinnamon is supposed to help too.

    As for what to do when I have one – dribble a lot, eat on one side, get miserable but none of these help it clear up faster. I have tried dabbing them with neat TCP which helped a little. Glad yours has finally cleared up cskinner and I hope you dont get any more.

  • If you aren’t trying to avoid honey..manuka honey from New Zealand is very helpful for speeding up the recovery of a canker sore. That honey has medicinal properties, because it’s been pollinated from the tea tree plant..

  • When I was little, my parents always gave me alum powder to put on those sores. It tasted AWFUL but really helped dry up the sore, and that seemed to help it heal faster. We always just had alum around because my mom would pickle and can things, but it should be easy enough to find at any grocery store with spices probably, and cheap.

  • “For instance walnuts have over 2000 iu of arginine and a low level of lysine. This is what you don’t want.” Whoa that is crazy – I bought a box of walnuts about a week ago, and I’ve been snacking on them every day (take 1 walnut and 2 raisins in one bite.. yum) instead of my normal cashews and my mouth has broken out terribly! I could NOT figure out why! I cut nuts out of my food yesterday and my mouth went almost back to normal… reaches for bag of nuts I know I should probably give it another day but I love my cashews! lol. Unfortunately the only thing I know to do to make canker sores go away (when not due to over-eating walnuts) is to rinse with a flouride rinse shudders I know it’s reallllly bad for you but it’ll heal them up quickly. Aha – just found this link (searching while typing). Hope this helps! http://www.quantumhealth.com/news/canker_sore_m…

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