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Help getting into goneraw web!!!

Anybody please!!! I can get into goneraw.com at home. At the beginning I thought the website was having problems but them i try here at work and don’t have any problem getting in. Does anybody have any idea what can i do? If so please let me know.



  • I’ve been having a hard time too!! I thought maybe the server was down.

  • i couldn’t get on the site for the entire weekend. don’t know what was up, but it seems fine now.

  • Majomi: There were some issues over the weekend that we weren’t able to address immediately (out of town at a conference). So, it is likely not your home computer. Do let us know if this pattern continues, though!

  • kandace I still can get in at home, I try last night again. It takes a long time and them it said time out or something like that

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