one pound of greens a day


After a long and extensive research I decided to make the jump from vegan to raw food lifestyle. This is my second day! Don’t laugh!:-) I am already feeling better! The only thing that I am confused about is the notion that you should be eating one pound of greens a day! Is it true? Is it even possible? I have been chugging 1 l of green smoothies for one month now , eating salads for lunch and dinner. However, the best I have done so far is half a pound of greens! Please advise! What do you think? Thanks in advance for your help and support!

Goneraw is the best website! And the onion bread is the most delicious bread I have ever tried! You can see that greens give me energy!!!!:-))


  • Hi Planetorganic,

    What about juicing your greens? You said that you are drinking smoothies but with all the fiber in them they can get pretty filling and your body has to work to digest what remains. With juicing you get all the vitamins and you can drink lots without discomfort. Plus your digestive system gets a rest!

  • Hi again,

    I just thought of something else…. how strictly are you defining greens? Cause in my green juices I include beets, kale, cucumbers,cilantro, celery not just various lettuces. When you weigh it all up it becomes a lb with ease! ( and actually to answer your earlier question I don’t know if pound is “factual” Just feed your bod good stuff it wants. ;-)

  • I think that instead of worrying about the “pound” of greens, just focus on the raw. The great thing about eating raw is that once your body adjusts to being healthy, it will tell you exactly what you need. You can get incredible amounts of nutrients without consuming a pound of greens. :) 1 shot of wheatgrass juice is the equivalent of eating 2 lbs of veggies! There’s a ton of great people and information on this forum. Welcome to raw!

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