Perimenopausal and FABULOUS!

lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

i know there’s just a few of us getting to this peaceful place, but I recently experienced just a little spotting on day 31 only vs. my usual 23 day cycle. I’ve been raw for 2.5 years so maybe it’s a raw thing, but i feel great. It was the first month i didn’t sweat through 2 pairs of pajamas 2 days before my period. Seems a little early. i’ll be 45 next month.


  • congratulations! and you do indeed look fabulous. i’m about to hit 41 myself so if there are any encouraging raw menopausal stories out there bring them on…. i’m more than ready to get off this crazy menstrual carousel!

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    I started very late. The main thing is to be “cool.” Enjoy this time of change. There is a very old song my mom use to sing, and so I applied it to that time in my life. ” I’m going to change the way I’m living, and if that aint enough. I’m going to change the way I strut myself. Know body wants you when your old and grey. There’ll be some changes made, today.” So I am now 66, and with the help of my attitude and eating habits, I am “not” old and grey!!!

  • lzhpt~ you lucky girl! I’m only 39 and having hot flashes! EEEK!! But then, I started my period at the age of 10. And, lately, since being about 90% raw, I have felt like a fairly consistent furnace but, more like a feeling of metabolism than hot flash. Have you experienced anything like that?

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    So I no sooner blasted out that forum topic when the period came on as usual, but 11 days late plus having that 1 day of spotting 5 days ago. Wierd. No warning whatsoever! I guess this is how it begins? I keep thinking since i didn’t start menstruating ‘til 16 and a half, I’m good for a few more years. beany-I LOVE your Mom’s song! I bet she influenced so much of what you do. Beautiful! And you reminded me of my silly Grandpere singing about my Grandmere. “That Old Grey Mare she ‘aint what she used to be, ‘aint what she used to be…” :D

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