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Hi…. Last year on June 9th 2006 I donated a kidney to a friend. I’m working on going totally raw for my health and trying to keep my BP low. I have no problems with the morning meal…. just throw everything in the blender(fruits, veggies,ground flaxseed and a tray of ice). Finding it a little harder with the evening meal. I’m still accustomed to cooked food for that meal, but I have found lots of raw recipes that have caught my eye.



  • Hi Dyan! What an amazing journey you have taken. Have the Dr.’s given you any specific instructions pertaining to diet? Do you have to eat a lower protein diet or avoid any vegetables in particular? I have a dehydrator and make things that might as well be cooked like nature burgers and cookies. I am new to this as well so getting organized is the hardest part for me right now. The taco meat is a great recipe that is like regular food, and the soups are just like the real thing. Good luck with everything!

  • Hi writeeternity,

    All they said was don’t take ibuprofen(causes kidney damage even in healthy kidneys) and no contact sports. I ask about the perfect one kidney diet, but they said just eat healthy. I have given up meat… and I’m about 50% raw. I also get about an hour of walking in everyday. I feel great and after a year the scar is almost completely gone.

    Thanks for the reply.


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