Any help??

Ok ,,, I have been doing this for more than 2 months now… I have been increasing as I go along.. As I do that the more my weight fluctuates!! I have not looked in a week.. and now I get on the scale and I am up almost 2pds.. I can’t figure it out,, I have had nothing that is not raw in the last 3 days ( Sometimes I still need a little NON RAW FOOD),, Not PMS’ing yet.. Just loosing my mind and I am very..very frustrated! Thanks for any ideas, comments… Has anyone else been there??


  • Eating a lot of fats? Try downloading CRONoMeter (google it) to track your calories maybe. I am not for calorie tracking, but when someone seems like they are all about the weight, maybe they should try. Usually, the better you eat the more you body will balance out and the weight will come off, but you hear stories of people that gain.

    I track my calories and I don’t want to lose (nor do I care too much whether or not I gain) weight – it’s just interesting to see my intake and where it comes from. It isn’t needed though, but maybe it could help as you can’t lose weight eating tons of calories and not even knowing it.

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