revelations on cacao

lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

Went to my first raw potluck today. I mentioned when i started using cacao in the beginning, I bought David Wolfe’s product and never had a problem with insomnia. Then i switched to Navitas Naturals and I finally figured out this stuff is wiring me! It was explained to me that lesser quality raw cacao is not fermented, which for cacao is a good thing because it separates the cacao from the inside of the shell where most of the caffeine is. It’s possible the Navitas is grinding up bits of the shell as well and that’s why I’m wired on it. Thought I’d share that. If you really like cacao and want to use it then try a fermented one (using the sun). Please chime in. I know some of you have strong feelings against cacao.

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