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Will my hair fall out?

I’ve been raw for over a week now, but my family is worried about me. Some neurotic pediatrition told my father that eating like this will make my hair fall out and my skin turn sallow. But being raw seems to be the healthiest lifestyle out there! I want to keep being raw, but if my hair starts falling out I’ll have to stop. Will that happen???


  • OMG—-I think you had it right when you said “neurotic pediatrician”!

    Do you have special dietary needs? Do you have a disease that requires anything in particular that might require special attention? I highly doubt your hair will fall out. My hair has never looked better. I was just looking at it last night; it is longer, shinier, stronger and even the color looks brighter!

    I think that pediatrician knows very little about nutrition. Get your nutrients from a good source, your body needs nutrients. It doesn’t need “meat” nutrients or “dairy” nutrients! Just nutrients! Eat well, have hair!

    Get onthe cronometer or fitday or nutridiary for a short time and log what your eating and you will be able to see EVERYTHING! Vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs…and it might help put you (and others who love you) at ease with what your body needs and is receiving!

    I have been there…it took me almost 10 years to stop getting flak from my family for the “vegetarian” thing. No one has bothered me about my diet since going raw becasue they know I educate myself and only do what makes me feel my best.

    Educate yourself and they’ll learn, too! Have fun and be healthy!

  • Ha! That is so funny. They say your hair will fall out? If you eat raw, and you eat raw correctly (you can be unhealthy off of any diet, if you don’t pay attention to your body and what our eating) you will be more healthy out there than anyone else!

    To be honest, I have long hair and I always shed. When I first went 100% raw, I started shedding like crazy! I got a little nervous. But I believe it was just part of the detox for me. My hair is thicker, stronger, and even darker (I have dark brown hair, now practically black). It is amazing!

    And about your skin, you will have thicker, stronger skin! My belief is that this is the best diet out there for you. You just have to know what your doing. Fruits and vegetables have all the nutrition that you need, even more. Since your eating everything raw, you will have such a high abundance for all of these fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

    What will you be missing in your diet that will make your hair fall out? Is it the red meat that rots in your stomach? Or is it the high fructose corn syrup that is just slabbed on everything out there? Or wait, it must be the vitamin D that your not getting from your fortified milks? BTW, you get all the vitamin d you need from the good old sun. Most sunscreens don’t even block out the rays that cause damage to your body. Sun is great for you. Just don’t lay out there with tanning oil on you. Go natural and just enjoy the fresh, open air!

    Your Pal,

    Thick Luscious Skin and Hair aka Jason

  • lol…yup, the raw diet is going to deplete your body! Beware. You NEED all that acidic food in your gut, don’t you know? Eat just like that doctor – I bet he is the example of perfect health.

    That type of talk is silly. Eat what feels right for you. I’ll stress the eating right on raw part as well. I used to think I needed nuts in my diet and they always gave constipation, acne, etc. I took them out and my body feels perfect, I feel great. The lesson – if it’s raw and unprocessed, and it makes you feel good – eat it. It’s against the rules of the non-raw world. If you followed that creed in the regular processed, cooked world, you’d be a drug addict.

    But just take those comments in stride – you will get them a lot, according to the stories I hear from people on here.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Boy, I hear more and more of this as time goes on. When I was a kid, doctors always encouraged more eating of raw fruits and vegetables, as much as you could eat. But in the last 15 years or so, I’m hearing a terrible amount of stupidity coming out of younger doctors’ mouths. The last pill-roller I saw sat in his chair and blathered on about how humans could not obtain enough iron in their diets from vegetables. Yes, he did. Apparently this yo-yo thinks I don’t know what nonheme iron is or how the body handles it. He also advised me to eat liver, red meat and take iron suppliments, forgetting I have beta thalassemia. Fricking idiot.

    And this jerk is an instructor at a medical school.

    Anyhow, eat a wide variety of vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, plenty of fats, and you’ll be fine. The (very) few of us who loose hair usually have other pre-existing problems, so don’t use us as models of health, haha.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I don’t know how old you are, or if you’re planning to be strictly vegan with no supplements like some recommend, but you may find this article enlightening & helpful.


  • I am not 100% raw but when I just became a vegiterean I shed like crazy and thought I was losing my hair but now I have tons of new hair growth all over my head! I think it was just me detoxing.

  • Thanx angie, 4 the article, there’s lots of good info there. I’m almost 16 years old, so I don’t think anyone needs to worry much. And I don’t even have a disease or special dietary needs at all! The rest of the world is just brainwashed by the “you-need-meat” scam. Thanx everyone, it’s so good 2 hear that my hair and skin will be healthy!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Rakao – no problem. Enjoy yourself! :)

  • Hey! Keep on with what you feel. The doctors I’ve been too don’t know much at all about nutrition. My pediatrician I used before, I thought would be great because he was vegan. Nope! All he did was tell me I need B12, not listen to the fact that I was getting plenty, and tell me to eat more salt(for low blood pressure) like pretzels and chips(which I had cut out because I felt weren’t nutritious or healthy.) Anyway, the other doctors I don’t even tell I’m vegan because, apparently, a normal diet rich in grease, salt, and baked stuff is less worrisome than fruits and veggies:)!! Rock on girl, I know it can be hard to be in the teens and switching to a diet like this, I was 11 when I went vegetarian on my own, in a family of omnivores, and 14 when I switched to veganism by myself. I just turned 19 now:)

    One last thing. The doctors have also misdiagnosed me multiple times, and always just throw the same antibiotics at me. I honestly have an entire drawer full of prescription antibiotics I haven’t used.

    Make sure you are eating healthy, but don’t worry about the doctors who don’t know what they are talking about. :)

  • as long as you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need, it shouldn’t be a problem. Scalp massages will help blood circulation to the area and stimulate hair growth. This is where my hubby comes in handy! I never trusted my first doctor… he was very overweight, as are a lot of docs. I love the one i have now, although he is not a homeopath, he is very in tune with nutrition, and doesn’t write scripts for everything

  • also.. isn’t it crazy how doctors and nurses smoke like smokestacks?

  • Paxton SquiggledyPaxton Squiggledy Raw Newbie

    I’ve heard of that happening to some raw foodists, but only when they weren’t getting enough fats and/or calories. So as long as you’re getting a pretty well balanced diet, with at least a good sublingual b12 supplement, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

    I’ve read that the B12 in stuff like spiralina is not B12 at all, but an analogue of B12 and may in fact block absorption of real B12. There are raw foodists like Gabriel Cousens who claim that it’s not possible to get all the b12 we need from raw vegan diet. Also, the yeast that some folks use as a supplement which has b12 in it, isn’t really ‘raw’. There’s bee pollen, but some of us have a dreadful allergy to it, and some others don’t want to add it to their diet because it isn’t vegan.

    There’s always insects, and the blender. It’s not vegan, but it’s raw…

  • Paxton you are too funny…insects and a blender (laughing!)I second that motion JaimeReks. Rock on Rakao! You are smart for being so health conscious at an early age. You’re going to live a long, healthy life. ;-)

  • thanx, u guys! I’m so glad there are ppl out there that understand! My whole family (almost) and all my friends think I’m completely nuts. Am I nuts, or is gnawing away at a whole cucumber weird?

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    No, you’re not nuts. Of course not. Only in the last decade have I heard doctors tell people that fresh fruits and vegetables are bad for them and cannot nourish them. Evil, stupid and utterly robotic.

    Make sure your diet is varied and is not lacking in the proper fats. As with any eating plan, you can make yourself unhealthy if you restrict.

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