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Bored with Raw, Need some Inspiration!

CaptureCapture Raw Newbie

Hey Everyone!

I’m on day 18 of my 31 day raw (“Rawgust!”) adventure and I am bored to tears with the food! I’ve done both simple eating, whole fruits, veggie, nuts and the like and also meal preps using recipes found on here and else where and it’s just not doing it for me. I’m not really sure what I need, maybe just a pep talk to get me through the next 13 days, or some easy, yummy food reccomendations!

Anything would be appreciated at this point :)


  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    What kinds of foods have you been eating? Maybe people can suggest things you’re not eating, for variety. How much raw did you eat before this adventure? I get bored of the same flavors & textures & plain fruit & veggies day after day – I have to do something new every so often.

  • I just make sure I mix it up for my health and my attitude. I eat plain fruit at times and then make a yummy creative salad and then maybe more of a recipe kind of thing. I don’t know how anybody could get bored on this diet with all the recipes online. When I look at the SAD diet I used to eat that was boring. I had my staples I ate all the time but now it seems as the whole Universe is in front of me and it is so interesting and I am having so much fun. I am just this week looking for my blender to arrive so I know it can be done with a funky blender and food processor but I must add I did get a dehydrator a month ago. I have been raw over 7 months and I know if I would have tried to do it on just plain salads and daily bananas I would never had made it. Good luck and dance with joy!

  • I agree rosehebrew – I feel the same way

    Before, everything used the same ingredients – wheat, sugar, milk, etc. Just about EVERYTHING. Now there are soooo many more ingredients and because I’m not cooking it up, I can taste it all.

    It’s funny how on SAD people can like 10 different “distinct” desserts, but when you get raw tastebuds, you realize it all tastes the same, like SUGAR! Everything is bland is SAD land.

    But anyway, if you are getting bored, try recipes – there are so many. Get a dehydrator. I don’t even have one yet but I have yet to get bored because there is just sooo much you can do. I would recommend going to a raw restaurant/cafe if there are any around, even if it’s a bit of a drive – it can be a real motivator in terms of food prep.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Capture-sometimes a raw meet-up or potluck can really keep you going. A new book or magazine subscription is another idea. Living Nutrition is a great, raw magazine and will take a LONG time to get through all the articles. I think it only comes out seasonally though.

  • CaptureCapture Raw Newbie

    Thanks everyone :) I appreciate the feedback, I guess I need some new recipe suggestions, I see stuff that looks good to make but there are always so MANY ingredients that are a little out of my league or kitchen stuff I don’t have like a juicer or an excalibur dehydrator (I have a janky Ronco…)

    Here’s a typical day for me:

    Breakfast, fruit smoothie or raw cereal w/ nana milk

    Lunch, big salad or whole cantaloup or apples with cashew butter and rasins

    Dinner is anything from the lunch menu or maybe soup, nori roll ups w/ wakame salad, zucchini noodles with some type of sauce, marinara or cashew alfrado

    Snacks are dried fruits, nuts, fresh fruits, vegis and hummus, etc.

    That is pretty much the bulk of stuff I eat and I am just bored with it, it tastes really good and I love how I feel but I am losing my appetite and still have 2 weeks to go on 100% raw (or extreamly close to 100%) after the month is up I’m going to transition to high raw like 75%, I really, really miss bread, and not the gross pure white, highly processed bread from the SAD, but the yummy fresh bread and baked goods I make myself :)

    So any new, fresh, simple recipes to get me though the next 13 days?

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    You could make some crackers or “bread” in your little dehydrator. It sounds like you need something dry & maybe salty to vary things a little. Try guacamole (or just avo blended with lime juice & sea salt?) with fresh zucchini to dip. You could also make a “casserole” out of sprouted grains (buckwheat, barley, etc.) & soaked sunflower seeds with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh veggies, oil, and some salt & seasonings. Blend everything up in a food processor (thick) & eat by itself or wrap in cabbage leaves. :) I also like experimenting with different herbs & spices – cinnamon on my grapefruit, etc.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    try using fresh herbs, a new salad dressing, some new spices. remember, food is your nourishment, not your entertainment. :-)

  • i once read an article on how if you dont enjoy the foods youre eating, you will get less nourishment from them.. your body will just cease to absorb all of what it could be getting from the food youre eating..

    i dont wonder if that couldnt happen with boredom as well. i am a crazy huge bread fanatic.. but its also the bane of my existence, given the intolerance i developed to gluten.. i found that chickpeas ended up being my go to substitute.. i know legumes can be high in fat and arent always ideal on a raw diet.. but their high fat and protein content can help fill that void! i like chickpeas with salsa..

    i also found when i started getting bored, to change up the ingredients in my staple meals, helped.. for example.. i absolutely love gazpacho and will play around with what i throw into it.. avocados or cucumbers.. cilantro or jalapeno.. sprouts on top.. blended.. chunky?? or try changing the type of apple youre eating with cashew butter… go from green to red? i find onc i have developed a mini-niche in eating, its hard to want to make anything else outside of it.. so those subtle changes help.. and provide a variation on nutrients as well.

    yay? oh i hope you stick it out, capture. i find everyone elses experiences on here such great support as i try to make the transition as well! hugs.

  • If you can I would suggest getting, “Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 people” by Jennifer Cornbleet. These recipes dont need a dehydrator or high power blender. Yet they are different from what you are eating. This should help you over come food boredom.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    try the recipe on my profile, the cheese and the curry is a favourite of loads of people, and also my husband chriscarlton has got some amazing recipes on his prolfie too. Loads of people love his grilled steak chinks, they are amazing.

    I admire people who ate simple raw food through their transition, but for most it is just not do able, we need recipes and dehydrated foods to help bridge the gap between cooked and raw. I have been raw for 3 1/2 years, the first 2 1/2 years were spent eating gourmet raw recipes every day. For about 3 months I lived off raw desserts, for about 2 months I lived off raw pizza. And now for the last year my eating has been really, really simple, just green juice, salad and fruit, but this happened naturally and just because me my body and mind, over time grew less and less fond of the recipes. This has happened to so many other successful raw foodists, you really have to make it enjoyable, fun, decadent and exciting, and your body will naturally lead you to the land of juice and a green salad ;)

  • Not enought greens, if you don’t get the protein and calming satiating effect of greens, you will feel the need to keep eating. I don’t see how you can get bored with the food, there is so much variety, You could try sitting down and writing out a meal plan, making it as diverse as you desire. Using some superfoods can make it interesting too.

    Try some of my recipes here on goneraw or at my site www.rawlifestyle.co.uk

  • CaptureCapture Raw Newbie

    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the support :) today when I went shopping I tried picking up new things: I got different apples, bok choy, and I found some raw chocolate coconut butter spread! Yum! I also made a new recipe carrot-pecan “burgers” they are in the dehydrator right now!!!

    Thanks again, it really helps to have support when you’re feeling blue!

  • i had a ronco dehydrator for some time and it still worked just fine. the onion bread and corn chips are staples (i do my corn chips differently though from most of the recipes, just corn, cashews, garlic, shallot, a red chili and salt). i put everything on the onion bread, especially zoe’s cheese, and eat it with salads for extra “mouth feel”. the corn chips get dipped in guacamole or salsa or broken into mexican salads. i find that spicing things up make a huge difference, and adding soups to my diet too. now i’m happy to drink half of my daily food intake.

    try jazzing up your salad with tangy dressings and finding new ways to mix your food to add texture. the burgers you’re making are really good too!

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