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AHH! A Sleepover!

My daughter (who’s 12) is having a friend spend the night tonight. All of the sudden I’m feeling weird about having a raw household—I’m not sure what to feed them for dinner, snacks, breakfast. I just haven’t had to deal with this yet. The girl spending the night is an omnivore; she has spent the night here before, but it was before we were raw…

If it stresses me out too much I will just have my hubby cook them something vegan. But—have any of you parents been through this before? Any good ideas for meals? I was thinking of making a raw pad thai tonight, so maybe I’ll just stick to that… I just don’t want this girl to a) get too hungry b) feel uncomfortable. Thoughts?


  • Make her the pad thai, and then a real yummy dessert.

    When I was a kid at sleepovers all I really cared about was junk food. So if you make a raw pie, or pudding or something like that Im sure she would forget anything that was made before haha!

    If not, have your husband make some vegan pizza. Pizza is a staple for sleepovers. :)

  • ZanzibarrrZanzibarrr Raw Newbie

    yup, make her an amazing gourmet raw food, she’ll never forget and she’ll go raw!

  • I don’t know, that’s pretty tough. Just don’t make a big deal of it and I doubt she will. 12-year olds can be a pretty tough crowd, but if you don’t psyche them out it’s always easier. Just do something that’s not too “weird” and make a fantastic raw dessert. Of course, pizza works if nothing else…...

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Hey jellibi – I’ve panicked over my daughter’s friends coming over for meals too, although they’re a bit younger. Kids are complicated creatures and they’re all different and from my experience I’ve had just as many kids turn their noses up to my cooked food, because it’s not like their Moms, no matter how good it is! Do what you normally do, she’ll probably love it. I remember going to a friend’s house at that age and discovering tabouli! Never heard of it but I loved it and made my Mom learn how to make it. My daughter brought over a friend to play and when they wanted a snack I nervously gave her a banana icy drink. She took a sip, frowned and said…”That is AWESOME!!” Her mother told me she had to learn how to make it.

  • I give kids smoothies. Even my 7 year old EXTREMELY picky “I HATE PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!”(To say the least, I broke her of that.. the next day I was in the shower and her and my brother were making pancakes, I hear little feet running down the hallway, knock on the door, and “Can we put peanut butter in pancakes?”) Anyway, she drank 4 green smoothies in two days last time she was here. Smoothies are always worth a try, my favorite being frozen bananas, any nut butter or nuts, and just enough water to make it smoothie and creamy. Good luck! Btw, when I was 12, I didnt care at all about food, too busy playing!

  • Thanks so much for the great advice everyone. I decided to make a raw corn chowder—I was afraid the pad thai “noodles” might be too weird and maybe a little too spicy. We’ll see how it goes. And—I asked my daughter what she wanted me to make for dinner and she said, “raw or regular food?” and I said “whichever you want” and she said, “why don’t you get a bunch of different veggies and some lettuce and we can make a little wrap bar and have all different sorts of things to put into the wraps- that would be so much fun!” I had a happy little mamma moment (to tell the truth I was surprised) when she chose raw food over anything else. Yay! So—we’ll have a little “wrap bar” with our chowder.

    And, peach cobbler for dessert :)

    This is great because my fear has turned into excitement about the very yummy night ahead that we get to share with a friend. Hope it goes well.

    Thanks again everyone :)

  • erinerin Raw Superstar

    Hey jellibi, I think the raw wrap bar is a great idea. That’s something that is not weird to be raw. No imitation anything. I think it would be a good idea to make a really good sauce or paté to go with it and maybe some fruit to go along side. And in my experiences, kids are usually more open to trying things they have helped to make. Have fun!

  • i’m just in shock that you have a 12 year old. you look fantastic. a good advertisement for raw!

  • Erin, that’s a good idea to have them help make the food, I’ll do that for breakfast and lunch today :)

    Aw, Dagny, thank you! :)

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