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I just read a whole heap about how cancer is a fungus, caused by such things as yeast, sugar,alcohol and even things like mushrooms…. I eat mushrooms daily. Like a LOT. And is raw cane sugar so bad? It even said honey was. Should I not be eating my shrooms???? Someone help me, Im quite worried.


  • Hi Staraw. Gabriel Cousens\ “Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine,” prescribes against eating mushrooms, or peanuts because they are mycotoxic. Sugar can cause candida and is cut from the diet if a person is suffering from cancer or other health problems. It would be a good idea to go sugar\mycotoxin free for a couple of weeks and then see if you feel better. If you have serious cravings and low energy after changing your diet you probably have candida to a certain degree. It also forces your body to pull energy from green foods instead of the easier sugar sources. I got really sick after eating mushrooms when I had given them up for a while so I believe the theory is true.

  • That is a real bummer. I love mushrooms. :(

  • KrystaleKrystale Raw Newbie

    I’ve been repetedly told there’s no such thing as raw sugar, to make it to sugar from the cane it has to be processed in some form, personally I don’t know for sure. I’ve never actually heard believable negative about good quality honey eaten in moderation, but I’ve heard books worth of good about it. You can dress wounds with it for petes sake. Because it is antimicrobial it’s not a daily food. It’d be like taking antibiotics every day (same goes for Kombucha.)

    There’s so many wonderful mushrooms out there that tell you they aren’t safe to eat unless they’re cooked, so that does speak some to the value of mushrooms.

    Just remember it’s important to balance quality of life with quantity of life. It doesn’t really make much of a difference if you eat to live to 110 if you’re sad each time you make a meal because there’s things you miss. If I cut out everything I’d read was bad for me I’d be eating pretty much only organic greens and avocados. I couldn’t live like that.

  • actually, some mushrooms are being used to FIGHT cancer.. specifically reishi mushrooms. so i say dont worry! i also think it’s better to try a variety of more obscure types, instead of general ones like portabello, etc. personally i hate mushrooms! :)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I just can’t believe that there is anything wrong with mushrooms. Well maybe more like I can’t bear the thought of anything being wrong with them because I live off them!

  • I don’t think that mushrooms cause the candida – I believe it is the sugars (well, depending on who you talk too – some people think it is fats). But I don’t think that mushrooms are the “fungus” you have to worry about – it is a TYPE of fungus yes but it isn’t a fungus as a germ like fungus. The “germ” type fungus are things like candida, the bad yeast.

    Candida is a bad yeast problem – actually it is more of an imbalance of bad yeast in your system. Everyone has some candida in them (I think we need too) but when the bad candida takes over – that is when the problems begin.

    Anyhow, we had a cool article on the candida/cancer thingys on here a while back:


    It freaked me out too because now I think I know how I got those polyps in my colon many years ago. Too much yeast (big breadaholic hear!). But wouldn’t that be great if baking soda could kill this – i would love to find out more developments on this!

    Also, btw, I rarely eat mushrooms so I highly doubt that was what caused my problems.

    writeeternity – It is so great to see you back! You disappeared for a while! I was wondering what happened to you. Looks like you were studying at Tree of Life? I hope you are doing well! I have been enjoying your recipes. I made your Egg Scramble for a Raw Brunch a week back and everyone loved it! Thanks!

  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    Cancer is not a fungus! cancer is caused when the natural processes of cell growth to repair damaged tissues become damaged and a cell multiplies more than is should and causes cancer. When I did my BSc Biology they told us everyone in the world produces about 10,000 cancerous cells a day but 10,000 times a day your immune system catches the bad cell and kills it. If you manage to be unlucky enough to get cancer your immune system just managed to miss one cell and it grew and gave you cancer. High levels of sugar in your blood may contribute to getting cancer though as cancer cells reproduce very fast and therefore need lots of energy, more than that require by normal cells.

  • springleaf -

    The research finding don’t say that cancer itself is a fungus but they are starting to think it is CAUSED by a fungus like candida. They did a study and found out that if they put baking soda on a tumor it went away. I guess in the research they did their was candida found all over the tumor.

    So I think that is where staraw got her information from but a little mixed up.

    So I would make perfect sense what you say that if cancer is in some way caused by high levels of sugar (which is what can also cause candida) that it would deifnatley make sense that candida could be involved in the development of cancer.

    Keep in too that most doctors today don’t like to recognize candida as a “real” health problem so I wouldn’t be surprised if that fact has never been mentioned as a cancer causing issue.

  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    Ah ok I see what you mean, Yes cancer grows well in the presence of high levels of sugar and high sugar levels enable it to thrive, but I wouldn’t say high sugar levels cause cancer. Cancer requires the DNA of the cells to have mutated in such a way that the proteins in the cells that limit growth are switched off. DNA can be mutated by, for example, UV light which causes skin cancer, or, toxins such as carcenogenic chemicals. It would make sence that candida would produce toxic chemicals as part of its by-products of growth and that these could make the cancer cells DNA more damaged and the cells even more cancerous than before.

  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    I also agree with you that doctors like to ignore candida (and other problems like IBS) from what I can see it is mainly problems that they don’t understand that they fail to recognise!

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