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greetings raw foodists

HI all, Im new here but have been lurking for a while. These recipes are really good! I have two raw cook books and feel very inspired. My reason for raw besides that i have wanted to try it for a while are multifacited….death of a good friend at age 53 from cancer, my own heart health as i have bad ones on both sides of the familial tree, and the shear disgust with our nations food safety. I have gone cold turkey so to speak…my feelings about veggie ism are mixed as I hate proccessed foods. So raw just makes sensce! Im not 100 percent yet but i hope to be by the end of my three month trial run. So far im loving it! Im a little scared by the hairloss and yeast stuff, but i dont feel this is that much different than how i usually eat just not steamed…although could i steam them slowly if the heat stays below 104 on the veggies? hmmmm….. any how i digress, will take this topic to the other forum! great to meet all of you!


  • Welcome to Gone Raw, and thanks for sharing your story!

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Welcome Omshanti! I posted a reply to you a the other day, but it must have gotten lost in the technical kinks they are working out. I think you may be on one of the myspace reiki groups that I am a part of, is that correct?

  • Welcome and enjoy. This is a great place.

  • Oomshanti mentions something about yeast, can anyone explain how this way of eating relates to yeast. What kinds of problems and why? Thanks.

  • edited May 2016

    mham, I think Omshanti may be referring to candida which is a yeast overgrowth which can occur in the body. It said that Candida can be the cause of a lot of problems that people might not even realize are caused by it and think the problems are caused by other things (that doesn’t mean that candida IS the cause of those problems but it COULD be) and everyone can get different “symptoms”. One in females in chronic yeast infestions that keep recurring. I have some level of candida right now – one of my “symptoms” are in the form of “yeast rashes”. Going all raw can get rid of candida. So, that would be how it relates to the diet because the cause of it can be alot of things that are eaten on the SAD diet.



  • HI spiritedmama, I must have one of those faces! teehee. im not on your myspace reiki group, sounds interesting though…... and yes, i was referring to candida, I read a thread here and thought that this was a problem cropping up on the diet not a exsisting problem getting cleared up on the diet. confusion…...anyhoo,tried to make yogurt from macadamia and almond squeezins and left it on the counter to “separate” as per the raw food transformation cook book, top was brown ,middle layer was white but very thin and tons of clear whey on the bottom. I only made about a cup of it total to try…ended up tossing it….might try with already made almond milk (almond dream) any clue if this will work? I used the pulp from the nuts to make some cheese that i stuffed peppers for dinner with….so not a total loss. should i use more nuts and try again?

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