Freezing Kale

I posted this in a recipe comment but I thought I’d say it here as well to see what kind of response it gets. I’ve heard that exposing Kale to frost (such as a freezer) would give it a sweeter taste. Has anyone tried this? And does it work with any other greens?


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    really?? hey thats very cool because kale is soo bitter!

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    I’ve heard this about kale as well, but usually when talking about harvesting. Here’s a fuller explanation:

    Frost enhances the flavor. Some of the tastiest kale is harvested under a foot of snow! Never harvest kale until after a hard frost or two. A few freezing nights make all the difference in flavor as the plants need a hard frost to transform their starches into natural sugars. (via)

    I wonder if this works post harvest as well.

  • Oh yey, I am throwing a bunch of kale in my freezer tonight!! I hope it sweetens my little friend up, he’s been so bitter lately:(

  • Sow kale in mid to late summer for a sweet winter harvest! You don’t even need cold frames just let it freeze! Sweet! Carrots get sweeter if you leave them in the ground to because they convert their starch to sugar in cold temps. But you need to cover them with a cold frame and straw.


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