100% pure?


i adore their body washes, scrubs and lotions – has anyone tried their cosmetics?


  • I would be interested to hear. I am looking for some alternatives. I don’t use very much makeup but for what I do use, I would like something natural.

  • i watched all the videos and read all the reviews on qvc and i’m sold! i’m going to buy a few things, i’ll let you all know how they are. :)

  • Good find! It is nice to see some truely natural products (esp the lip sticks!). For me, I can’t see spending 18 bucks on a 3.4 oz jar of cream when I can buy a raw organic coconut oil 16 oz jar for about the same price or less. You can get shea butter for a lot less than that and a big size too.

    But for ladies who still love to spend money on specialized products I guess it is a nice deal.

  • I recently bought the dark chocolate mocha body cream and it has been the best lotion I’ve ever tried! I actually got it at Bath and Body Works and they had quite a few other products that I would love to try in the future.

  • yes! bath and body works is where i buy all of their scrubs and lotions, but they don’t sell any of their make-up there. everything that they do have, though, i’ve tried. their stuff is AMAZING, especially the coffee bean eye cream!!

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