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80/10/10 for children?

I’m reading The 80/10/10 Diet book and have found it extremely useful for me. However, since my daughter eats mostly fruit, a little veggies, green smoothies, and then cooked vegan food, I’m wondering how to know how much fruit she has to eat to get enough nutrients. She’s only six, so she doesn’t eat a ton of food. When I look at the serving guidelines, knowing it is written for adults, I have no idea what is appropriate for children.

Does anyone have any input about this?

I know she won’t be 100% raw, because I want it to be her choice, and she loves her cooked food too… but I’d like to have an idea if she’s getting the proper nutrition.


  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    I wouldn’t restrict her fat intake or anything, and sounds already like she’s getting far more nutrients than the average american child….kids have this great untampered with approach to food. They are the best intuitive eaters ever. I purposely be really careful about what seeds I am planting when it comes to thinking about food as oppose to just eating what you feel like. I will let them know what’s healthy and perhaps why, but that’s about it….just offer lots of variety and they will pick what they need.

  • thanks Bananna! The thing is, she is allergic to nuts, so we don’t use nuts or seeds, at least she doesn’t, and I’m rarely using them. I’m mostly wondering about ideas for school lunches. Right now I’m packing her like 3 different fruits (she eats them all) and then a piece of bread, or cracker. I wish I could replace with something else that she’d like, but I don’t know what.

    I also worry that she’s got yeast overgrowth, since I have had it for so many years, even before she was born. Every once in a while she complains of vaginal itching, and I’m wondering about trying to rid her of it with the 80/10/10 diet for a month or so. I guess I’ll just give it some more time and wait till she’s older. She doesn’t eat much fat except avocado, fried veggie meats, pancakes, and desserts, so I can switch those things pretty easy, and see if that helps, even with her eating her cooked lentil soup and black beans, rice cheese quesadillas, etc.

  • My daughter is also 6 and has the same issue with yeast. She had yeast overgrowth in her gut from chelation. I gave her grapefruit seed extract for about a month and that cleared up. She was close to getting a diagnosis of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) but the hyperactivity disappeared after taking the GSE. But she always itches down there. I had her tested for a bladder infection and her MD said yeast infections are rare for little girls. I gave her GSE anyways later to see if she would stop itching. It seemed to help for a little while but I was never sure if it was due to the GSE. She has food intolerance to gluten and casein so she has been on a modified diet for over 2 years. She likes fruit and raw veggies so I don’t have a problem there, but she is very picky otherwise. I worry about food absorption with her because she is at the 5th percentile. She eats enough but does not gain weight. Protein has been an issue because she would not eat meat or beans. Now she eats meat and I sneak beans into all her soy cheese dishes. She was on protein powder for awhile also. I have been obsessed with her diet for years since she was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. She was moderately autistic until I removed casein and gluten. Now she is barely on the spectrum. I would like to transition her to more raw but worry about the progress she has made. She eats mostly organic and does not have any processed food, artifical dyes or colors. I have a lot of gluten free bread products and soy products for subs. I have always just given her raw veggies due to laziness and also my own preference.

  • My daughter is 12, so I have a little bit of a different experience… but she eats mostly raw fruit and then a cooked vegan meal 1 to 2 times a week. She does eat greens, veggies, and nuts and seeds too, but not nearly as much as she eats fruit. I was a little freaked out for a little while that she was eating so much fruit and not much else (although I do push the greens a little). We have been eating this way for the past 3 months. Anyway, she is way into sports and does very well- right now she is in volleyball and they are practicing 6 days a week for 3 hours each day- they do a lot of running and strengthening exercises. Also- last week we went hiking and did this massive straight uphill 7 mile hike and at the top (as I was gasping for breath, ha ha) she was RUNNING :) I’m sharing this all so that you know that kids can be healthy eating lots of fruit, some greens, and occasional raw vegetables, seeds and nuts. I’m keeping my eye on her to make sure this lasts for the long run, but for now I couldn’t be happier!

    Also, I just got done reading Sergie and Valya Boutenko’s book Fresh where they share about their experience growing up raw, and at some part of the book Valya wrote not to be scared if your child eats mostly fruit as they are transitioning to raw, because kids are just naturally attracted to fruit—and we don’t have to worry, because it’s good for them :)

  • just offer lots of variety and they will pick what they need.

    bananna, that is great advice. That’s what we do here too :)

  • My son is 4 years old and I am trying to transition to a raw vegan diet. He was also very autistic-like earlier on, but now he presents more like ADHD or ADD. Since I'm trying to stick to 80/10/10 it has been hard for me to find a good diet for him. All the bananas feed his yeast since I can't limit fats with him. So, since I can't limit fats, I feel like I have to limit fruits. I hate that though. I am giving him Pau d'arco tea, Primal Defense Probiotics, coconut water kefir, and will try the GSE. He has been scratching on his boy area, whiney, mouthing stuff, and more hyperactive lately since we're eating so much fruit. I have thought about consulting with Dr. Graham, no sure if I can afford it though. Thanks for this post, I need support on this issue. It's not an easy one.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    I wouldnt worry about the fat issue feeding yeast such as dough graham suggests, his theories on candida overgrowth are extremely weak, the face that he suggests those have candida in the blood is enough to be wary. Candida in the blood is a systemic and very potentially life threatening disorder which generally only results in very immuno-compromised individuals with Aids, cancer etc.

    Your on the right track with the fermented foods such as kefir and the probiotics, id ditch the GSE and pau d'arco, temporarily killing the yeast off is pointless, repopulating the gut flora is the way forward, the good bacteria secrete various acids and compounds which keep candida in check, which its harmless yeast form and not its pathogenic fungal form.

    Feeding with prebiotic fibers too helps, rice bran, FOS/inulin which are contained in many fruits and vegetables, seaweeds etc.


  • Thanks powerlifer! I am continuing the fermented foods and probiotics. I just tried adding some cooked starches recently for just a few days (to save money on grocery bills), BIG mistake! Candida came back with a vengeance. Now my son is back on a low sugar diet and I'm restricting sweet fruits. He's basically on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (no grains, lot's of cooked food, nuts, seeds, and clean meats) and I'm giving him grape leaf extract and capryllic acid (rotating the two.) We've been doing this for a few weeks and he's been looking pretty rough and whining for fruit. I don't feel right cooking food either, when I know RAW is the way to go. I've been reading a lot on-line today though and am tempted to just go back to 100% raw with him. I think the candida will probably flair up initially, then calm down (I'm hoping). I tried to submit a query to Doug Graham's support group but I haven't had an answer. My question was whether I should restrict fat in a 4 year old to beat candida or if there was another way to do it without restricting fat. When I give him all the fruit and fat he desires, on a raw diet, he always gets too hyperacitve and engages in repetetive behaviors. But this may not be such a bad thing if he wasn't in school, requiring him to be couped up all day. Is there anyone out there who has a child who has overcome candida on a raw diet?

  • Hello, I also have a 4 year old on the autism spectrum and I'm trying the 80/10/10 after the other "anti candida" type diets didn't work for her and actually messed up her hormones. However, I am finding that on the high fruit and lower fat that she is definitely a little whinier and more hyperactive. I want to know how you're finding the 80 10 10 for your son? How do you feel its working? Would be great to know!

  • Pame'laVik'toriaPame'laVik'toria Raw Newbie

    I find for me, 4 fruits, and a few figs or dates is plenty. More seems like its too much sugar for me. I'm wondering if a child can get enough nutrition without too much sugar? I think sweet veggies can help too like red peppers. I have pictures of what I eat every day on my blog. I feel great.

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