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Master cleanse question

Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

Alright, I am on my second MC and everything is working fine. I usually dont step on the scale since the weight loss is not “that” important for me, BUT i noticed that for the last 3 days my weight has not changed. I cut down some on the lemonade, just because i got a little tired of it and drank more water. Now i wonder if i dont give my body the needed “fuel” to keep doing his work, like i said, its not about the weight loss but when everything comes to a complete stop i want to make sure i am not doing anything wrong or put my body in starvation mode. I drink about 5 lemonades a day now and my herbal laxative tea every night. Thanks for the help…


  • It could be that you are putting too much Maple Syrup in it. It is full of sugar.

  • your metabolism slows way way down when you fast- I did not lose anything on my 4 day Master Cleanse. I recommend adding some green veg juice to you MC- it shouldn’t interfere with the cleanse and you’ll be getting nutrients and not just sugar (maple syrup) Plus green juice is the ultimate energy drink. :)

  • Bubbaw6 – what type of green juice do you recommend?

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    i use the 2 tablespoons maple syrup like the recipe calls for. I lost alot the first 5 days..i was just surprised that it completely stopped now. I will wait till tomorrow and see if anythign changes, i mean i feel fine, so i guess i am getting enough fuel…

  • I like to do cucumber, celery and romaine/leaf lettuce with a twist of lemon. (Thats one lg cuc. 4-5 stalks celery, 1/2 head lettuce, 1/2 lemon peeled) If you cant stand the taste throw an apple into it to make it sweet, but i dont know about that when youre on a MC because of the sugar. I like simple mixes too of just cucumber and celery or spinach and parsley. If youre ok with some sweeter juices, carrot, celery, cucumber and mint is so refreshing in the summer. enjoy!

  • Thanks. I’m getting a juicer soon and plan on trying that.

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