Pizza crust smelled so bad!

I made a pizza crust with nut cheese in it and by morning the smell coming from the dehydrator was enough to make me gag. I threw it out but the smell was around for the whole day. I had made some granola and it smelled like the pizza crust. I waited to see if the smell would go away but ended up throwing the granola away to. I have a history of getting nauseated and then only being able to eat cereal or bread. Today was rough for me because I felt thrown off the track. I did not cheat. I am eating a salad now and am glad that it tastes good.

What went wrong? I used buckwheat groats for the first time so I wonder if they were bad. They were very slimy when rincing after soaking overnight. I rinced them for a long time. The slimy quality was not something I was expecting. I have a lot of oral sensory issues that have not been a problem until now. I have texture issues with a lot of fruit so have been having smoothies which I love. So I turned off from the idea of making anything with buckwheat groats. Any experiences here?


  • It may have been because you soaked the buckwheat so long. They are one of the quickest sprouts - soak 'em for 20-30 minutes, rinse well and you have sprouts in about 36-48 hours (or just Soak 'em and eat 'em).

    If you are going to sprout them, rinse and drain them every 8 hours. Rinse off all the "slime" or they may not sprout. They will keep for 1-2 weeks.

    If you are put off by buckwheat for a while, Alissa Cohen has a great pizza bread recipe that is made with flax and almonds you may like to try. Yum!

    Hope this helps!

  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    I just thought I would add that the slime is pretty normal. You just rinse, rinse, rinse until they are clean to the touch again. Chia and Flax seeds do similar things when soaked and have a gelatinous texture which you do not rinse. This helps bind things together in the dehydrator and is not noticeable at all when dehydrated (it's like cement - hardens up and keep things bound together).

    Buckwheat has a really fantastic flavor is soaked and sprouted properly as QuestingNessa outlined - I hate it cooked and much prefer it raw and sprouted.

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