Raw Bread and Cracker Help!

Okay. I have a brand spankin’ new dehydrator that I’m jonesin’ to use. I want to make some breads and the like however I need to avoid nuts and seeds. Many if not all the recipes I have seen require flax/hemp/nuts as binders. Does anyone have any suggestions for substitutions or alternate recipes. BTW- I’m not allergic. Seeds and nuts have simply become too dense for me to digest comfortably. But man do I want a CRACKER! ;-)


  • Are you avoiding grains too? How about sprouting some grains and making some essene flat breads? They aren’t often super tasty by themselves but put some avocado on them or other pates and they are a good sub for your bread cravings. Make a little sandwich out of them.

    There are some here at the site link below – under the breads and crackers section. I make rye ones all the time and put caraway seeds on top(oh, maybe no seeds for you though).You can add all sorts of veggie to them or olives and herbs and spices. They are just basically sprouted rye, some salt and pepper, green onion and caraway seeds. Very easy to make and they turn out like a flat bread (depending on how thick you put the batter on the dehydrator).


    Oh, I have a purple corn chip recipe that doesn’t have any nuts and seeds in it. If you are hankering for a corn chips. It is under my name here. Easy to make too (you can make it with out the purple corn if you want – it will just be a little chewier)

  • A friend of mine made a sort of raw crispy hashbrown that she said was out of this world. I don’t know the recipe exactly but she said she shredded sweet potato, oinion ( maybe something else ) a little oil and salt. She said she wanted hasbrowns but left them in too long and they became crunchy crackers. I have not tried this yet but maybe something similar may help with your cracker craving.

  • Thanks to you both! I am avoiding grains. Seems I have a wheat/gluten intolerance too. So I’m just keeping it simple by avoiding all grains, even the so called safe ones. But I really like the corn chip recipe and the hash brown crackers sound great too! Muchas Gracias!

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    There is a good sweet potato chip on this site and several suggestions how to make zucchini chips. Sometimes I chop the green head of broccoli with some carrot and onion and dehydrate that to make a crumbled topping on salad. You can season it any way you like. Allison

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