For The Love Of Raw!

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been visiting Gone Raw for awhile now and thought I’d join and start posting. I love this place!

I have been RAW for 4 years. I transitioned to RAW while searching for a dietary lifestyle to help me in my nutritional recovery from severe eating disorders. RAW has changed my life and health. This is the first dietary lifestyle that has worked FOR me and not against me. It’s also become very spiritual to me, like a spiritual and healing journey through nutrition and nourishment. I have never been this in tune with myself, my body, nature and God’s garden goods/blessings! It’s a beautiful and ongoing transformation.

I’m 26, male and from the San Francisco Bay Area. A few of my favorite things: artistic and personal expression, walking barefoot, hello kitty, avocados and coconuts, cacao highs, ballet (I dance), meditation/quite time/nature walks/crystal singing bowl sounds, learning/teaching/evolving, revolution, body modifications, cherry blossom trees, organic gardening, spirituality, LOVE… the list goes on forever.

I have a German Shepherd (under 2 years of age) named Dante Bello and he eats all raw as well : )

Thank you all for keeping this community active! Your recipes/offerings are appreciated.

Pink TuTu Twirls, Johnny


  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    Welcome! You are a veteran, I’m still fairly new. It truly is a spiritual journey!

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    Yes Welcome TheRawDance!
    I love the pink tutu twirls! :)

  • welcome! i’m in oakland. the bay is a great place to be raw! s

  • TheRawDance~ I find you most delightful and your attitude extremely refreshing, Welcome!!!

    Wishing you continued rawsome health!!!

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