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Change in mammogram

I guess this is kind of personal, but I wanted to share particularly with the ladies on goneraw. Ever since I started getting mammograms (baseline at age 37), I have gotten back the report “dense breasts, suggest sonogram.” So, I’ve always had a mammo and a sono done, as breast density can impede visualization. 3 years ago I also had a fibroadenoma (benign growth; I attribute this to the amount of soy I was eating for years on my cooked vegan diet). Well, after being 90% raw for a year, I did my annual mammo; no report of dense breasts! We’re talking almost 10 years of seeing that on reports. I also think my estrogen levels have dropped in general as I no longer get painful periods. I’m wondering if any of you out there have had a similar experience. I’m very curious!


  • I haven’t had a similar experience, but wanted to say congrats and hope you celebrate with a huge plate of fruit!

  • Thank you, Superfood. I do celebrate with fruit every day! :)

  • awesome mon! i go for my first breast sonogram next month* hit 40 recently or should i say it hit me!) teehee anyhow ill be interested to see whats what….i get a physical next week too after a year of mostly raw im curious!

  • Good luck, omshanti. The mammo not as bad as everybody says—just mildly uncomfortable. I have a feeling you’ll ace that and your physical. Raw really does awesome things to the body!

  • Oh my gosh Mon46- congrats! thanks for sharing this :) Supposedly I am at high risk for breast cancer because of family history so I have been instructed to get a yearly mammogram ( I’ve only gotten 3 so far tho..&. I’m 33) ..anyways.. I have always been in the clear & knew it was my diet resulting in this. I also stopped eating soy after learning about raw food. thank you so much for giving me more hope that a raw diet will help me overcome my fear of mammograms!

    and btw, my painful periods also stopped when I started eating raw. I have much lighter & shorter periods too.

  • artzyfartzy, I’m so glad you’ve been in the clear, and that you’ve been vigilant about your health. I’m also very happy to get more feedback about this. This raw journey has been amazing (though not always easy) in so many ways. Glad I have all of you to share with. Be well!

  • Things to also consider…..

    Mammograms Cause Breast Cancer



    Mammography: An Individual’s Estimated Risk


    MRI Finds Breast Cancer in High-Risk Women


  • Thanks, simplyraw. Unfortunately, an MRI did NOT catch the fibroadenoma I had, so no system is infallible. I do recognize the risks in getting a mammogram, but self examination is not a perfect system either. I do think it’s a gamble, but I will continue to have a yearly mammo. I fully respect, however, that it’s a personal choice.

  • Mon46 -

    I agree. It is a personal choice. I also agree that no system is infallible.

    On another note….Thanks for sharing your experience. Much appreciated!! I rejoice in your happiness and to a bill of clean health! To You and Your Health….Nothing but Happy Thoughts!:)

  • Thanks for the lovely thoughts, simplyraw. And I do appreciate the links you listed, as everyone should be informed about whatever medical procedure they undergo. Never take anything at face value in the allopathic medical world!

  • Well, look what I found on Yahoo tonight—apparently a new and more sensitive tool than both mammo and MRI. Check it out: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080903/ap_on_he_me…

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    That is fanTAStic news, Mon! I’m trying to get up the courage to go in and get a mystery lump checked out, yuck. Don’t be afraid to have a mammo if you need one. While I’m not saying they are “safe”, I will say the hysteria over them is just that: hysteria. But the great thing is the healthier your breast tissure is, the less reason there is to radiate yourself:-D Again, congrats!

  • Thanks, TomsMom! I am faithful in getting a yearly mammo, partially because I’m not great at doing the self breast exam. I would definitely encourage you to get your lump checked out (and believe me, I know it’s scary). It’s probably nothing, and would be worth it for peace of mind. Of course, it’s always important to have a doctor you like and trust. Based on your posts, though, I have a feeling you are quite selective about your medical care and will do what’s right for you. Sending lots of good thoughts and energy your way—Mon.

  • Thanks for sharing with us. I am glad to hear about definite, positive changes.

    I don’t do yearly mammograms. I had a baseline when I was 35. I had it done when my breasts were really tender (under my old high dairy diet), and it was quite an experience.

    I’ve had friends who have had breast cancer. Their annual mammograms didn’t show it. They found it themselves. I believe the raw diet heals the body. When I went raw, the breast sensitivity/swelling went away. Also, I believe that the squashing and radiation isn’t good for the body. But I don’t recommend that everyone does as I do. I am just saying that I can see why people do the same things I do.

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