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Candida Diet - Raw Vegan Cookbooks???

I’m looking into raw vegan cookbooks that support candida cleansing. I’ve heard about Gabriel Cousen’s cookbok “Rainbow Green Live Food”. However, I just don’t want to make a hasty purchase like I usually do. Can anyone who has struggled with Candida highly recommend raw vegan cookbooks that cater to candida, or atleast touches upon them? And just out of curiousity, were there specific raw foods that assisted anyone during their candida cleanse?


  • I think the Gabriel Cousens touches on this the most. But Alissa Cohens “Living on Live Food” does too. She had candida and raw was how she got rid of it. All her recipes aren’t going towards the candida diet like Cousens suggests but she has her whole story in there about her battle with candida. It is a very good book for background and recipes. I think it is like having two raw books in one. It is really big.

    I think you alreayd know about the Pau D’ Arco tea as I read one of your other posts. I would definately keep up on that. I added Cats Claw to mine.. They are supposed to work well together.

  • Thanks Queenfluff. I’ve studied some info on Candida cleanse but many of the recipes and lifestyle were for omnivores and vegetarians/vegans. I was looking for some inspiration to the cleanse via raw vegan lifestyle. Tks for the recommendation. I’m definitely going to get Cousen’s book since its the most commonly recommended and most likely Cohen’s book.

  • I want all these books. I guess there are a few people on here swearing up and down about 80/10/10 in regards to candida cleansing too.. I really have no idea, myself.. Since I have always been lead to believe it has more to do with sugars than fats.. but it may be worth looking into, regardless. I have battled with candida for years and it def started after I first went vegan.. However it does seem as though having cut out gluten and slowly going raw and including supplements has helped me a bit.. I would be interested in knowing what success you have Nikki, with whatever book you end up going with! I hadnt heard about papayas (numy!), lulushka.. or baking soda! I will have to try both.

  • I first decided to try eating raw as a way to help me cut out all of the processed vegan food I had been eating for way too many years, and to rid myself of my candida overgrowth. The first few months of eating raw with a high fat content from nuts and seeds did not help my candida problem at all, and I had been going easy on the fruit, because I too had heard that fruit and sugar/carbohydrates contribute to the problem.

    However, since trying to eat 80/10/10, mostly fruits and veggies, I’ve improved dramatically. I know I’ve had a problem for many years, so I don’t anticipate getting back into complete balance for a few months, but I know I’m heading in the right direction. Many of my symptoms are gone now.

  • I am the Executive Chef, and Teacher at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico. We have helped many people overcome or control their candida problems by offering a Living Foods Lifestyle. Check out our website at www.annwigmore.org for more information.

    We are currently in the process of finishing our Candida book by Lalita Salas with lots of information and recipes.

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    Yep, Gabriels work on this is great and if you've never done a phase 1, I recommend it.


  • Ps, you look lovely, very happy and healthy.

  • You should also check out The Renegade Health Show. The website is www.therenegadehealthshow.com. The host of the show is on a diet for candida. You can also ask him questions and hopefully he will get back to you. I hope this helps.

  • Hi ecvraw,

    fancy seeing you here...

  • after several months of trying 811 to help my Candida (as my previous post says), I realized that it wasn't improving as I had thought. I developed a huge rash on my arms, legs, & ankles. I had other symptoms as well.

    Now I'm trying the Phase 1 diet of Cousins and I LOVE it. My body is doing so much better, the rash is going away (slowly though) and I no longer have weird cravings for sugar and carbs like I used to.

    give it a try.

  • i've seen so much written about candida and i've tried everything so i know what works and what doesn't. Before I went raw I didn't know what a candida overgrowth was. when i switched to raw (gourmet raw that is) I learned first hand what it was. After I looked on this forum for candida advice i realized that many raw fooders on this website struggle with it too. i thought wow, that's weird, these people eat so healthy why are there so many people on this site with candida overgrowth? i know a lot of people that eat SAD but none of them struggle with candida overgrowth...weird.

    anyways, after looking though all the forums i decided to try the body ecology diet. it made sense, since i had been brainwashed to think that fruit sugar is bad for your health. i tried it for a month. i sincerely regret it. my candida symptoms were worse, i felt so deprived. since i had cut out all fruit sugars, i had intense cravings for sweets and complex carbs like potatoes. the diet obviously wasn't working and my relationships were starting to suffer because of my irritability from the candida overgrowth. i had once lashed out at my boyfriend because he was trying to help me and wouldn't let me order dessert one night. the candida had really taken over.

    i was desperate. i had seen some comments on this forum about the 811 diet and completely ignored it before because i was afraid of fruit sugar (thanks body ecology diet and ph miracle for brainwashing me). since nothing else was working i decided to get some more information on this 811 diet. i dove in and started the diet right away. eating 100% raw, vegan, low-fat, nothing but fruit and greens all day. i was a little scared, but i embraced the diet. i was so in love with fruit and had missed it so much.

    i had struggled with candida for 3 months trying everything imaginable. after 2 days on the 811 diet my symptoms went away, for good. i had energy. my sweet cravings went away. my skin cleared. my yeast infection was gone...and now i am the happiest and healthiest i have ever been in my life. i am still doing the diet and loving it.

    so now i know, fruit sugar is not the culprit! fat is! everyone that is giving advice about not eating sugar is still struggling with candida! how can you say that giving up fruit helps if you haven't cured it your candida yet? anyone that makes kefir or anything cultured knows that sugar is what feeds the bacteria. you know that if you don't give the kefir cultures some sugar they will die. what do you think you are doing to your good bacteria when you starve it of fruit sugar? your good bacteria starves! quit eating oils, nuts and seeds, and overt fats and start eating sweet juicy fruit! you and your body will love it!

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