yogurt help

As per the raw transformation cook book ( beautiful food by the way) i squeezed some ground almonds and brazil nuts and left the liquid to seperate on my counter over night, i only made a little as i was worried that it would fail ….well it seperated but the top was brown so scraped that off and then scooped the two table spoons of white “yogurt” into a bowl and threw out the whey or clear liquid( what uses if any for that? suggestions?) then it just didnt smell right to me so i tossed it…did i freak out for nothing? yogurt storys anyone? i want to try again with more nuts maybe just almonds or hazelnuts…. could i seperate out the whey from almond dream in the box? Im still drinking that is it raw? sorry for the mishmash i tend to write as it enters my head..thanks

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