Any Brazilians here??

Hello! My name is Carla Martins, I am from south of Brazil… I was living in the US for the past 4 years (first in NC and then CA) and I recently moved back to Brazil.. I am amazed about how people never ever heard of the raw food diet here and I feel totally weird… I haven’t been 100% raw because of my boyfriend who is a meat lover and everything, so once in a while I end up going out with him.. But I wanted to know if there are any Brazilians out there, or even here in Brazil..


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    Hey there! I’m not from Brazil, but I am really fascinated by the sugarcane ethanol being used there. Are you using it? It’s a really good country because the air is much cleaner there from using the ethanol…...apparently it’s a really efficient biofuel. Any way Brazil is really focused on “staples”. There’s an exotic fruit called lucuma or eggfruit and I have the dried powder out here in the US, but fresh lucuma is amazing and it’s a staple in some parts of Brazil, so that’s pretty raw-friendly. You must be having a blast. :)

  • I’m half-peruvian, living in Peru! At least we are in the same continent? I was wondering the same thing here. Not many people have heard of it, although I am considering setting up a raw-food stand at the farmers market, seeing if I can win people over with the taste first and then the mind, jeje!

  • You know what.. I am definitely NOT having a blast with raw food here!!! I know it sounds crazy, but know one knows about this stuff and I’m having a hard time finding some of the ingredients.. Especially because all of my recipe books are in english.. Even though fruits and vegetables are reeeeaaaally cheap and tasteful, nuts and seeds are not! It’s weird, but I have to go to a farmer’s market type thing to get raw nuts at a “good” price, and it is kind of far away from my house. So I have been eating less than what I’d like to. I’ve looked for buckwheat, and no one knows what it is or where to find it… Hopefully I’ll find another raw Brazilian in here to help me out!

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