3 months away and in need of a challenge

edited December 2010 in Being Raw

Hey everyone! I recently got cast in a show that will be in Pennsylvania for the next three months. I really want to use this time to do some sort of cleansing experience and try to rid some stubborn last few pounds of my body. I will be making my own food daily and not really sure of the kitchen situation, but will definitly be bringing my blender with me but probably not the dehydrator. I’m thinking as many green smoothies as I can down, but I’m going to need foods that are portable as it is a local tour during the day and we will be needing to bring our food with us. Does anyone have any good ideas for my situation or have any favorite cleanses besides the MC? I will need a whole lot of energy for rehearsals and such.

Also, if you could recommend your favorite yoga dvd that would be great. I won’t be anywhere near a Bikram studio which is what I practice daily and need a good replacement for it. Thanks guys!


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