i understand. good advice! oh well. like i said, no damage against me so no need to vent or spite, more like a warning message so there aren’t more and more people to get exploited. i dont like to stand by and watch people get robbed.

i guess the real problem is lack of competition. which brings me to a hopeful note. people are desperate for raw food. they will even put up with small portions and high prices just to have a raw food place and community to go to. this is the new trend, but also more than just a trend, its the food of the future. i think eventually raw fooders will be the norm. Hopefully by choice, maybe because they will be the only ones left alive! LOL sorry


  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I admire your post, but agree with Meditating. It could also have ramifications on any future jobs in that field. It’s sad but true.

  • What if she is using a fake name? Possibly even on a public computer so the post can’t be tracked by ip address? If I were to write something like that, that is definatly something I would have considered doing. Then I honestly wouldn’t be worried. Looks like that’s not the case though, judging by the profile.

    As much as I admire your passion for exposing someone you think (or know) is causing harm to others, if these allegations cannot be proven, you’re setting yourself up for a lawsuit, as this could be considered slander.

    I would also advise you to delete the post, and in the future, try to conceal your identity if you choose to post something like this.

  • kundalalita – I didn’t get to read your original post as I am guessing you have deleted it.

    But based on your last post here, I can imagine what it was about. ;)

    (my bf worked at a raw restaurant too and lets just say – he was “ripped off” as were many other employees there. I used to go and help out there on occassion and so I saw it too.)

    And I agree with you about the high prices/small portions for raw food in restaurants. Some of prices/portions are really disgustingly high. My bf and I do raw dishes in our home and give double the portions and the prices are not high but people still complain – but they are OK to pay the high prices for small portions at the “well-known” raw restaurants. And honestly a lot of our food is better than the restaurants. Go figure. I hope things will get better too. :)

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