A new perspective on life

steviostevio Raw Newbie

I was typing a message in another thread, and it occurred to me that I lost over two decades to bad health and bad health care, all of which could have been avoided by knowledge about good food. It then dawned on me almost immediately, that perhaps it was the best thing to have happened to me. It was a health crisis that led me to green smoothies, and quickly to raw veganism from there, and my health is coming back rapidly. If I can achieve the kinds of health that you read about in the Boutenko books or Anne Wigmore’s writing, I may have given myself more than two extra decades of high quality of life for the future. Now instead of slowly degenerating, which I doubtlessly would have done without these struggles, I now have an opportunity to thrive and live a vital and exciting life moving forward.

I now expect to be able to have at least good health into my 70s and more likely much longer if I continue down this path. This is something to be celebrating, and not something to be bitter and resentful over!


  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    Stevio: you sound like you are having a real awakening and are enjoying every minute of it. Long may it continue!

  • Hear! Hear! :)

    For me, I have been realize how much of my time I have been wasting on worry about things. It is still a struggle for me but I look back on many of the things I did realize how meaningless some of them are and that I was definatley missing out important things. In the future I want to have LIVE life for a LIVING and not have my LIVING be my LIFE.

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