ALKALINE/ACID when eating 100% fruit

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Apples are on the ALKALINE list, as is pretty much all fruit. Im going 30 days or more on just apples, a cleansing period, apples are in season here and aboundant so Im indulging. Im wondering if you eat 100% ALKALINE I wonder if my PH level will become too alkaline. Last I checked my PH level using those strips i was in the mid range. I havent checked my PH level since going fruitarian over six months ago and im curious as to what the test result will be. I need to get some strips and check it. Disease CANNOT exist in an alkaline body! But I understand TOO alkaline isnt good either. HOWEVER, once again, in the beginning….which is how I live, nobody discussed alkaline/acid, nutrients,calories yadda yadda yadda, they just picked from the tree or vine and ATE when they were hungry! Rob


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    Rob – I was wondering the same thing and was going to post it. Thanks for doing it for me! So MOST fruit is alkaline? What fruits are acidic in nature? Know where I can find a list?

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    Moth, heres a list,scroll down to the bottom of the page and theres a list.… Here are the acidifying fruits: ACIDIFYING FRUITS Blueberries Canned or Glazed Fruits Cranberries Currants Plums* Prunes* Im getting a BOAT load of gayla apples tomorrow and gonna pick some from a tree at a friends house too! gonna go at least 30 days on apples, maybe more! Rob

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Rob, what an amazing journey that will be for you. I wish you the best! ::::heart:::: Keep popping in here from time to time.

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    Oh wow, let us know how the apple fast is going…I have really been wanting to do that. Apples are one of my top faves! :)


  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    Ok Moth, come hang out here and well both do the apple fast…hmmmm? lol I know its unrealistic but the thought was fun! Rob

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