Wholly Guacamole

Have any of you heard about the way the “Wholly Guacamole” company is pasturizing their product without heat??? It’s a deep pressure pasturization, where they expose the fresh guacamole to pressure as heavy as some of the deepest places in the ocean, and it kills any pathogens without heat. Do you think that would still be considered a “raw” product? I mean, I have my skepticism, but it sounds pretty feasible.


  • You know if it will truly pasturize it then the enzymes and bacteria would have to be killed. I don’t know if the vitamins and minerals and fats would be altered though. I think I would just make my own.

  • I agree with making my own, there’s nothing like it, I was posting the question out of curiosity as to the affect of this type of pasturization on other foods in the commercial setting, more of a “I never heard of this, how do you think it works on stuff” kinda deal. Since most of the Gone Raw’ers are pretty intelligent I thought I could get opinions. There are times when you are caught without guacamole and away from home. Then what would you possible do?

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