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Coconut Taste?

germin8germin8 Raw Master

I’ve opened my 3rd coconut and feel like it gets easier and easier each time. I haven’t tried opening a young Thai coconut… yet.

I have seen parts of a coconut look a bit… over ripe (mold looking) or discolored (yellow). I always cut out the over-ripe looking part. (That was my 2nd coconut) Some parts I see a pale yellow with a funny taste. (3rd coconut) Do I cut that portion out or throw it all away? I’m not really sure what to do in either case. The flavor is somewhat affected too. The coconut water on the 3rd coconut did not taste “right”? What does that mean… is the whole coconut bad? Or is that my “how to pick a coconut” skills need refining? Help! :o)


  • I dont think a small discoloration should matter, but if the water taste funny it may be a sign that microbes had a go at it. I opened one the other day that smelled alkohol like, so something was definently brewing.

  • Whats the easiest way to get the meat out? I have a sharp knife and just twirl it around in circles, but it only gets so much.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Everything I’ve read said to taste the water first. IF it tastes bad, take the entire coconut back to the store for an exchange, it is not edible.

    I do not know about the discoloration in the other parts. I know that there is a lot of controversy as to whether a young coconut is edible if it looks purplish in color (the meat), some say it’s mold, others say that a very young coconut starts out with a purple tinge, turns white, then turns gray in color as it ages. The meat also gets thicker as it gets to be a more mature coconut, and less gelatinous. The younger it is, the more jelly-like the meat is (looks gross, but blends up well and tastes good), and the older it is, the more solid and thick the meat is in a coconut. I had one with a purple tinge to it and it tasted fine. My brother opened one up last week and it only had water, absolutely no coconut meat yet, so he had a brand new coconut :)

    We’ve been eating the young coconuts, the water seems very sweet and the coconut meat can be scooped out simply with a spoon. I blend that with the water and other fruit. A young coconut should be firm on the bottom, not soft, and all I know about an older one is that you can shake it and hear water in it. You will not hear the water in a young coconut because it is, or should be, totally full with water.

    As far as getting meat out of an older coconut, a video I saw did this: poke screwdriver through the softest eye and empty out water, taste it and make sure is aok. Then, once drained, they put the coconut on the ground outside, and with a small hammer, GENTLY hammered all over the outside of the coconut, rotating it 1/4 turns after about 10 hits, doing this over and over until it gently cracks open on it’s own. If you do it gently enough, the ENTIRE coconut shell should come off of the meat and you will have just a round ball of pure coconut meat.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Not edible – eh? The coconut water in this 3rd one was not good. Some of the coconut tasted okay, but the rest didn’t… I’m throwing it all away now.

    Anyone know how long a good coconut lasts in the fridge???

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    I go through lots of coconuts, lots of bad ones, but when I get good ones, boy are they good! I agree with the above statement… if the water tastes bad, toss the whole thing (or bring it back to the store)! As far as how long coconut lasts in the firdge, I assume you mean already opened??? I’ve had coconut in the fridge for a few days with no problems, but I can’t really say what happens after that. Mine usually get eaten pretty quickly!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Thanks for the reply coconutty. We just bought a young coconut (our first to try and open)... but it started looking moldy on the outside after 2 days. We practiced opening it and as expected the inside was bad too. It’s difficult for me to know if a coconut is good by looking at the outer shell. I think when we bought it, it was bad already. :o(

    As for the fridge, I hope it lasts in the fridge. I have yet to get used to the flavor to know if its good, borderline good, or boderline bad. I’m picky about the ripeness of my fruits and veggies.


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