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Bonobos in NYC

This might be a question out of the ordinary, but does anyone have a picture of the inside of this place?


  • No. Is there something specific youd like to know. Ive been there.

  • Last night, I went to Quintessence in the city and saw a girl doing her homework while eating her meal. I would love to sit down and get some work done in a raw restaurant/cafe while drinking a green juice, but Quintessence was VERY SMALL and dark (probably not ideal for that sort of thing).

    Was curious how big Bonobos is and also, how busy it gets.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    I’ve also been to Bonobos. Great food. Cafeteria type atmosphere. You pick out your food, pay and go eat at tables in the back. it is well-lit and i’ve been there many times for lunch only. You could definitely work and eat.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    It’s busy at lunch. There’s a quiet area in the back where the restrooms are located. i think they must have classes there since it’s a huge space separate from the main eating area.

  • Branwyn32Branwyn32 Raw Newbie

    I’d been there when I lived in NYC. It would be totally conducive to that. There’s tables in the back. It had kind of a stark atmosphere when I was there but I think that’s when it had JUST opened. Good food though, but expensive.

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