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Tomato Help

My father-in-law gave me a BUNCH of tomatoes. I don’t like plain, raw tomatoes. Any suggestions on what I can do with them quickly before they spoil.



  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Dehydrate them!

  • It is amazing the questions newbies ask, isn’t it??

    OK – I have checked the temp of my oven with the door closed and the oven light on. It gets to over 100 degrees. So, I have washed and quartered part of the tomato bunch, lightly salted them, and placed them on cookie sheets lined with parchment paper.

    Someone either give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down so I know if I am on the right track or not.

    Thanks, Catherine

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    We were all new once. Better to ask than to waste the tomatoes.

    You might want to just halve them and rub a little oil over the cut side so they won’t be so dry. You can dry them in the sun too. Lots of recipes on this and other raw food sites use sun dried tomatoes. I don’t eat tomatoes (food sensitivity), but I love them. Allison

  • Yesterday I marinated some tomatoes with olive oil, agave nector, basil, and oregeno. With onions, bell peppers and mushrooms. And warmed up the veggies in the sun. Made a great raw shishkabob when all my friends were eating their food off the grill.

  • Thanks for the help. Now I have another question. My oven is at about 104 degrees, the tomatoes have been in there for almost 24 hours. They seem to have some kind of moldy stuff growing on them now. They are not yet dry. Have I messed this up??

    Thanks, Catherine

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Dehydrators have warm air blowing through them, you may have needed a fan blowing in there to help dry them. I think yes, you may have messed them up if they’re mouldy and not dry yet. Next time, use a fan too and they’ll be fine I am sure.

  • Also, even though you don’t like raw tomatoes on their own, try making a salad of tomato, cilantro, avocado, lime, sea salt and cucumbers. It’s delicious, especially on hot days. There’s also a great recipe for raw tomato soup if you want it!

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