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    Oxidation will deplete the nutrients if you blend veggies ahead of time. Salad dressings will work though if you keep them tightly covered. Congratulations on going raw!

  • Thanks, 123, that’s a great help!

  • 123. What does that mean? I blend smoothies in the day and night, because of this do I loose the nutrients in my food?

    Kina. Congrats! Ive been raw for 3 months and I feel wonderful. I dont store much food, I usually go to the store everday and pick up fresh produce. I do pick up my bananas and nuts a week in advanced, but I like eating what I feel like for dinner and breakfast :)

  • I prep once a week (saturdays). My schedule gets so busy during the week i would never manage without it. I am 100% raw.. i usually plan a menu out wednesday/thursday, go shopping on Friday, and prep a weeks worth of meals on saturday. I close everything tightly in pyrex, and i try to plan my menu/eating to allow things to last the week. Some things hold up better than others. (we also have a great fresh salad bar here at work, so i often supplement with fresh items from the caf too). I would rather have the time to make everything fresh daily, but i dont. I figure this is better than nothing. If im loosing some nutrients then so be it – i still think its a lot better than the McDonalds down the road! lol

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    jkd_soccer801, you lose some of the nutrients everytime air hits the surface. If you don’t overblend and store for a long time, you should be OK. It’s better than eating cooked food and sometimes we do what we have to to make it work into our schedules. How many nutrients do we lose when we deyhdrate? How many do we actually need? Some raw foodists eat mono-meals of fruits and vegetables in their original form. I think that is a difficult transition, so I still make a few dishes that immitate cooked foods as well as eating a few mono-meals in between. Diet is such an individual thing.

  • So far everything is going great. Odessa, your schedule sounds similar to mine. :) I shared my raw advendture with my coworkers and they’re so excited for me. YAY!

    I have no qualms about just picking up a fruit or vegetable and eating it as is …I love, love, love food, but I also really enjoy making a meal so I want to become more familiar with combining raw foods and techniques at the get go.


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