Almond milk vs rice milk?

I can’t be making my own almond milk, coconut milk or whatever cos I don’t have the time or the equipment, plus the price I pay for almonds it would really work out quite expensive. I bought almond milk last week in a health shop, which I am sure is not completely raw (I’d say some kind of heating is involved in the preparation process) but at least is not dairy. Ingredients: water, almond (7%), organic agave syrup, organic corn maltodextrin. The thing is, it costs 5.50 euros per carton. On the other hand in my local supermarket they have rice milk, half the price, ingredients: water, rice (14%), cold-pressed sunflower oil, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, sea salt.

So, my question being, would it be that much different to have the rice milk instead of the almond milk? It’s a lot cheaper :)


  • Well, if you are asking based upon their raw status how good they are for you then unfortunately, BOTH products are processed and not raw at all. However, if you own a small blender or magic bullet then you can cheaply make seed or grain milk with very little time, money or effort. Purchase something like sesame seeds, buckwheat groats or something that is inexpensive, raw and can be soaked overnight. Drain them quickly and use about 2 cups seed/grain to 3 cups water in your blender, blend and strain, then add a sweetner and a pinch of salt to taste. I think yoiu will find that it takes less time than you may think. Probably 20 minutes total (Minus soaking time. But you will be sleeping or out for that part)

  • I buy cheap sesame seeds (some use sunflower seeds, etc. these are all inexpensive, especially compared to almonds and other nuts), soak them overnight, and you can blend them in a regular blender with water until they break down. OR use a coffee grinder on them until they are a paste, then blend the paste with water.

    But if you are reduced to buying one of the two things you mentioned…both are cooked, so just get the cheaper one. :)

    also: in another post I read you eat Pumkin Seeds raw..You can make a fairly nice milk from those too!

  • Thanks guys… I’ll consider those options although I do not see myself making my own milk any time soon. I consume a small amount of cooked/proccessed food, plus I’m pregnant (7 months gone) plus have a small toddler… so 20 mins is a lot for me on top of the extra time that it takes me to carry a different diet than the rest of my family (my husband won’t go raw) and of course I do most of the cooking for everyone

    Thanks anyways :)

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