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Birthday Cake help

My son is turning 2 in two weeks & I’m hosting the party, this year (as it is my first), will be all raw. I pretty much have the menu down, but need help with cake recipes. I’ve made a few that I ‘test’ on friends, but I’m finding Carob isn’t going over too well with others, and most recipes seem to call for this ingredient.

Also, I don’t know a single person who is supportive of my decision to eat raw and more importantly to feed my children raw; so I feel I am using this party to ‘show off’ raw food and prove it is not only salad. Any other suggestions for recipe ideas that have been ‘kid approved’ would also be much appreciated.



  • Hi- A lot of raw cakes seem like carrot salad to me so I’m no good in the real cake department but the pine colada pie I submitted tonight was a big hit with my boyfriend and he’s not raw. I put marashino cherries on it to use them up- but in your case you could use some of the creme mixture and add beet juice for coloring to write words on it. I’d put it in a square pan annd make it more like an ice creme cake. Freeze, then put it in fridge for an hour before serving. You could put blueberries on it and use blueberry colored icing.

    I’d make different meatballs- some with sundried tomato, mushroom, and black olive, some with pecan and carrot, and some with garbanzo beans and spices like falafel.Then make dipping sauce from the mayonaisse recipe on this site and add cucumber and mint.

    The nachos i made with a thicker version of the cheese sauce from this site etc were a big hit.

    Mellon balls, fresh peaches and other berries are always fun and possibly raw pizzas. How sophisticated are your guests tastes? The marinated Tai salad is great and who can refuse guac and salsa?

    Hope this helps! =)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Are you buying truly raw carob? the barob soldin shops has been heated, you can buy truly raw carob from raw food internet sites. It tastes way different than normal carob. But even the really raw carob is questionable as to it’s rawness, but if you are not that fussy, it really does taste like a totally different substance, much sweeter and more delicious.

    Also lots of people like mixing carob with cacao. Personally I don’t eat either carob or cacao because I am radically raw(!) but when I did, I made a very gorgeous cacao and orange cake, they are easy to make, there are loads of recipes for such cakes and people love them. Mine was just almonds, dates, orange juice and a pinch of salt in the food processor for the base, and dates, cacao and orange juice and a pinch of salt for the topping…people went crazy for it.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Sounds like you want a carob cake. I don’t really like carob either. You can only eat so much carob at one time. I’ve made Joel’s Carob Mousse Pie using carob. It was good. It’s in We Like It Raw Carrot spice cake is good. It’s in the Healthful Cuisine book (no recipe for that). Then there is Loving Life Cafe in Pennsylvania. I’ve eaten their pies and had one sent overnight to my family in west Texas. They are so good! My non-raw family loved it. Their cheesecake is delicious. You need one week advance notice… but, they could be very busy. When I ordered mine, I really didn’t care when it got to Texas… so it got there after 2 months. It also cost a lot of money to overnight. The pie is $55, and overning freeze dried shipping was about $100. BUT, I’m sure somebody has a good cheescake recipe to share. The one I have is in a raw magazine which I just got. (Got it from one of the ads here in Gone Raw – Purely Delicious, spring 2007 issue). It also has a blueberry pie recipe with just blueberries, bananas, and honey as the filling.

    Good luck. I’d like to hear what you made!

  • Thanks writeeternity, the meatballs were a great idea I didn’t even think of!

    Zoe~ I’m not sure about the carob, I buy it from a natural grocer close to home, I will check online for soemthing different. I love chocolate too much to give it up any time soon, so I do usually mix the carob & cacao for a sweeter flavor.

    Germin8~ I checked out the Loving Life Cafe website & their pies look amazing! I wish I had a place like that closer to home!

    Thanks for all the great ideas, I have nearly two weeks to experiment with recipes. I realize that my tastes differ greatly from ‘cooked food eaters’, so what may be delicious to me is just weird to others. I have a tough crowd to please!

  • Hi, i know its not a carob cake but its darn good and got rave reviews form all my nonraw friends. its apple pie from ani phyos cook book. All my family an friends are really sceptical about the “raw food thing” so ive snet the best cross over recipes for them to try themselves. i switched the almonds to pecans as i felt it would give it a more compatible taste

    2 cups pecans (unsoaked) 1 teaspoon sea salt, might use a titch more 2 cups pitted dates( i used medjool)

    this is the crust and crumb topping use a little more than half for the bottom to facilitate cutting and it all holding its shape. press into pie plate

    syrup: 1/2 cup pitted dates 1 large orange peled and seeded splash of water as needed to make a thinner consistencey

    mix this together in a blender and set aside

    filling: 5 apples, peeled seeded, thinly sliced, about 5 or 6 apples 1 cup soaked raisins(optional) i might use dried cranberries or fresh rasberries! 2 talespoons of ground cinnimon( you may go less or more dependeing on your tastes) mix this together well in a large bowl then add syrup and mix again fill pie crust and top with the crumble….i made vanilla nut creme ice cream in my ice cream maker to serve with it and a “caramel” sause…it was really rich and filling! as a side note i had left over ffilling last time i made this as i made it in individual dishes and i processed these in my blender and dehydrated them overnight into some mighty tasty apple cinnimon cookies. i had some for breaky with almond milk! yumm!!!!

    good luck with your party, Im sure it will be fab!!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    raw_mama, what cake did you decide to make? How did it turn out? just curios

  • There are some really fantastic ,how can this be raw, pies and cookies out there but I have never tried a cake that wasn’t moshy and wasn’t winnin over any non raw peeps. I have 2 go to recipes 1 for raw cheescake recipe from raw food real world modified, and on for raw choconot pie from Renee Underkoffers book that have won over the pickiest non raw eater. And Why do people give raw foodist such a hard time especially about kids, do we stand outside mcdonalds and harras them for feeding that stuff to their kids? Great job providing the best for your kids.

  • Okay, so after a couple of weeks of trying recipes out, I decided not to do a cake & do a few different cup cake/mini tart recipes.

    I did the chocolate cupcakes from this site (my son’s favorite!). Mini Blueberry tarts, mini chocolate mouse and almond butter cookie tarts, and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

    Apps were fresh veggies (jicama, brocc, carrots) with beanless hummus.

    Lunch was raw walnut tacos w/fresh salsa & guac. Broccoli salad from this site, and a sprouted Quinoua tabouli salad.

    Everything for the party was raw. I had some compliments, funny looks, lots of questions, some opposition, and some kudos. There were people who didn’t eat & some who ate a lot.

    It was frustrating to have to explain every little thing about the food. I had a few people upset because I didn’t offer soda to drink! I couldn’t believe all the emphasis put on food!

    Overall it was a success!! My family is just not open to non-processed food & I do not push it. I choose not to talk about food or eating habits, I’m comfortable knowing my children are healthy.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I am so glad that the raw cupcakes worked for you! They are my daughter’s favorite too!

    Your menu sounds fantastic! Congrats on a great party!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Wow, you had several dessert options for your guests… sounds like a great idea. The lunch menu sounds good too. Glad to hear it was a success.

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