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I have posted on here in the past stating that I live in a rural area and don’t really have any farmers markets near me. Anyway I am actually going into town on Saturday to the Whole Foods market(two hours away) and wanted to see if anyone could suggest some things I could pick up to get me through the next month. I love nuts, seeds, and am addicted to sugar. I haven’t started the raw food diet. I just try to make smart decisions when eating. I have a lot of health issues from hypothyroid, anxiety, migraines w/without aura, possibly lupus and simple partial seizures. I don’t take medicine because I am very sensitive and have had terrible side effects from antidepressant medicine. I feel yucky most of the time and am really needing a change in my diet. Please if anyone can give me any tips on what I should pick up at the market it would be great!! I am really needing a change. thanks!


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    an easy way to start is to start adding green smoothies to your diet. you just need greens and fruit. a good recipe is one ripe banana, a bunch of frozen mango, and a half bunch kale or other green. add water and blend.

  • Hi dnacol, I would suggest highly that you plan a meal menu for the next few weeks prior to going to Whole Foods and pick up what you need based on that. Try to stick to things you can multi-task with, things that will be good bulk foods that you can use for their versatility, such as raw buckwheat groats, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds. Many fruits can be safely frozen for later use, and although will not taste as fresh, will be available for later use. You can also freeze greens like spinach, kale and such.

  • I always recommend fresh medjool dates and dried fruits that are untreated for sugar cravings … goji berries, mulberries, raisins, figs, turkish apricots are all wonderful alone or mixed with nuts and seeds for raw cereals or trail mixes. Hemp seeds are easily digestible and delicious, seriously the best. Maca powder is great in smoothies and used for mental health issues (you mentioned anxiety). Raw nuts: almonds, walnuts, pecans and cashews are used a lot in common raw dishes. You will want a good oil, grab some raw = cold pressed, unfiltered olive oil or raw hemp oil. I’d recommend picking your produce based on what you like and what looks fresh. Leafy greens are always good, salutations to King Kale while you are there! Go with the flow. Food shopping can be very enjoyable once you grasp it. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Ps. Raw agave nectar will do you real good for sugar replacement. And how could I forget? pink sea salt … it’s wonderful stuff. I am the biggest fan of avocados. I think everyone who can tolerate them should eat them. Grab a couple if you like them – a few ripe and a few that need to ripen. Goodluck to you and prayers for your health! A lot of us here have seen raw foods really help heal the body. Blessings!

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    I would just avoid cacao – or eat it minimally – cuz large amounts trigger seizures in my twin sister, who’s epileptic. Load up on fruit that can be frozen once ripe (like bananas, berries, etc.). I also forage in the wild and often freeze my harvested greens. Once things are frozen they’re best used in smoothies.

  • Thank yall so much for all your great tips. It helps a lot. I am really hoping that once I start eating mostly raw that my health will start to improve. Thanks for the warning about cacao, I actually recently took chocolate out of my diet because I feel that it was triggering migraines! Thanks again to each one of you:)

  • I almost forgot to ask what do yall drink to stay hydrated. Bottled water? I live in the country and have well water but my neighbor has it tested and says it is fine to drink. I have also been told that my water doesn’t have any fluriode in it. Should I be drinking it???

  • If your well water has tested safe, it is probably better for you to drink than any public water, which can contain flouride and/or chlorine, both of which are BAD. Safe well water (free of heavy metals and VOCs) is better than bottled for the environment and probably for you as well. A good investment is a Berkey filter if you are uncertain about groundwater contamination.

    Being addicted to sugar is often a big marker for a Candida overgrowth. You may want to research that topic and test yourself. Getting Candida under control can do wonders for your health. If you think you may have Candida issues, you might want to check out Gabriel Cousen’s book “Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine” and avoid things like bananas and dates.

    Nuts and seeds are great for stocking up! Greens go bad fast, but you might want to try some things that you can’t get at home. Also, try some young coconuts. They are the white ones, not the brown hairy ones. Google for a method of opening them. They last pretty long in the fridge.

    You can also try for great ways to make cultured foods that can help your health immensely, and they’re raw and vegan!

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