Ew, I ate plastic

jellibijellibi Raw Newbie

So, today as I was having my usual non-sweet fruits and greens soup, I noticed something weird in my bowl. Upon further inspection I realized that it was an itty bitty piece of plastic from a pricing sticker that they put on fruit (probably from the red pepper, I bet!)

I have a really good blender, so I usually just throw whole or half pieces of fruit in there. I always rinse them first, but I must have missed the sticker. Anyway, it probably won’t kill me, but it can’t be good to have teensy microscopic pieces of plastic floating around in my system. And I’m thinking Oh Man! How many times has this happened before

I wanted to post this so that all of you lovely raw friends don’t make the same mistake :) Why do they have to put stickers on every piece of fruit and vegetable anyway?! ARGHH!


  • I kind of freak out when stuff like this happens to me…but in all reality I’m sure it will just pass through without being absorbed.

    I do get annoyed with all of the stupid stickers though…sometimes I forget to take them off before rinsing the fruit or vegetable and once those stickers get wet they are near impossible to remove…

    One more reason that I LOVE getting most of my produce at the farmer’s market…no stickers to deal with!

  • inorganic matter should just go through the digestive tract

  • its best to cut the sticker from your veggies then it is to peel it off, the residue nevers comes clean.

  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Generally speaking I use those stickers as indicators… If the sticker is on the fruit then it has NOT been soaked in GSE & baking soda water… If the sticker is gone, then I know I removed it before cleaning it…

    Jellibi~ Maybe this will help you to stay plastic free… GRIN

  • not that you want to continue eating the stickers, but anything stuck to fruits and veggies must be edible by law (in Canada). what the government defines as edible is questionable, but i believe the stickers are made of ‘natural ingredients’.

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