MOTH or other bostonians...

steviostevio Raw Newbie

My sister is in boston this week with her daughter and husband as her 2 year old needs some surgery. They will be there for 3 weeks or so. I just got them hooked on green smoothies right before they left, and they called me and asked to find a place that might make them some, as they really felt the benefits from the first one they had. They don’t have a place to blend their own, as they are currently sleeping in the hospital room with their daughter.

If anyone knows of a place reasonably close to the longwood medical district where they might find a green smoothie, please let me know.

And just to let everyone know, my niece had her first of two surgeries today, and is resting peacefully. The prognosis is quite good at this point, and we are expecting a complete recovery.

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