dehydrator suggestions?

I’ve just borrowed a dehydrator from my in-laws, and want to experiment with some dehydrator recipes (not for me so much as for my non-raw fiancee, who has graciously agreed to try raw with me for a few weeks). I was wondering if anyone would like to post their personal favorite dehydrator recipes, or links to them? I’m thinking of trying the onion bread recipe, coconut cookie recipe, and sun-dried tomato cracker recipe, all from this site. But please, tell me your favorites!! :o)


  • One of my absolute favorites is the raw brazil nut pancakes:…

    The only thing I’d change about this recipe is cutting the dehydration time by about 2 hours. Leave them in for 10 hrs on the teflex and then flip for another two hours. This gives them a softer texture, almost like a really moist banana bread consistency. They’re still delicious when following the original recipe though! :)

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