Kale and calories

Im a raw weight lifter and have been about 90 percent raw. Ive been using maple syrup in my shakes which isnt raw. I am now taking that off my diet so I can become 100 percent raw (only thing that isnt raw :)).

My questions is: how many calories are in Kale? As a weight lifter, counting my calories are important. Ill be loosing 400 cals a day without the syrup.

I went to Wild Oats and looked in a little book that stated Kale has 86 cals per cup when its chopped!

Is this true? I did a google search and the highest I have found is only 39 cals a chopped cup.

I gurantee that its more healthier for me anyways, even if I miss out on all the calories, so I am going to do it anyways and add an avocado to my shakes.

Just wondering if anyone knows.


  • It’s about 33, jkd. 0 grams of fat. I’d suggest using raw agave or raw honey. I make my smoothies with kale and pineapple or kale and mango, nothing else, most of the time. It’s superb.

    I’d increase your nuts and oils if you want more calories. Also, check out Storm Talifero’s site; he’s a raw bodybuilder and has been for over 30 years. :)

  • Ya. I acutally bought one of his raw ebooks. It helped a lot and I have been seeing really significant gains.

    I was eating a lot of nuts but it made me sick. So I limit them to about a 1/2 cup a day to a cup a day. If I soaked these nuts will it make my stomach feel better?

  • You could try soaking dates and blending them into your smoothies for calories and sweetness… I add them to my banana-sesame smoothies. :o) Some people say soaking and sprouting nuts makes them easier to digest… personally, I have trouble with them unless they’re fermented (seed cheese).

  • That sounds good. I am moving soon and am trying to get the budget on my food handled. I didnt realize it would be so expensive eating a high calorie raw diet. I may have to up the bananas :).

    Getting rid of the maple syrup helps me tons.

    I will try to the date thing. Thanks!

  • I’m on a strict budget too… if you have an asian grocery near you, you could check them out for dried fruit and nuts. I get my nuts at a Pakistani grocery, and my dates and longans and such at a Vietnamese place. Good luck :o)

  • I am thinking I should start shopping at other grocery stores besides wild oats all the time. Wild Oats is expensive. But I did add the kale and the dates to my smoothioes and I have felt so much cleaner and healthier already than with the maple syrup

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