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humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

Hey guys check out this site its pretty kool!


  • Hey, that’s pretty cool!

  • GabeGabe Raw Newbie

    Nice I really love to watch mpegs and such heres a few good ones I found.… and this one… and also this one… my plan is to find all of them and compile them all somehow and sit and watch all day on a saturday. I just learned how to copy and past these addresses.

  • GabeGabe Raw Newbie

    Hey humanimal you said a while back that u saw a picture of Steven Arlin where did u find it?? I have his book called, “Raw Power” but I cant seem to find him otherwise or Fraud* Dini. I cant remember how to spell his first name but basically the other authors of Natures First Law The Raw Food Diet.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    hey Gabe, what I did is typed his name into google and searched in images. One of my buddies told me that he saw a pic of Arlin and his face looked really fat! I found that pic on google images and sadly found out that he was right. He said that there is another pic out there of him where he looks so out of shape its not even funny. But I think that it was removed lol. But anyway now a days I am not sure what he looks like. I am always a little skeptic to these so called raw food “gurus”. You can never really be too sure if they are practicing that they preach. I do know that David Klein, Dr Doug Graham, Gabriel Cousens, Juliano, and Charlie Abel are true raw foodies and got the bodies and attitude to show it.


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