Pie crusts-soak or no soak?

lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

I love making raw pies and in my experience I’ve noticed my crusts taste much better when the nuts are not soaked before. The same with the dates. Even if i soak them just a little, the crust will lose much of it’s sweetness. I was at a potluck recently and our raw coach talked briefly about this “wet” fat as being not good for certain types. If I had an extra 1/2 day, I’d dehydrate it, but just wondering if you soak or not for pie crusts.


  • mewmewmintmewmewmint Raw Newbie

    soaking deactivates acids and enzyme inhibitors, which would make them more towards alkaline … but to be truly alkaline you would have to sprout them

    if it tastes better dry, make it dry

    soaked is a bit healthier, sprouted is even more healthier

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I like to soak nuts and seeds overnight, rinse well, dehydrate til crunchy and store in the freezer so the enzyme inhibitors are gone, but I still have crunchy nuts, that are live and ready to use, to make crusts or other recipes that call for unsoaked nuts :)

    I do not use soaked nuts for crusts and don’t soak the dates either unless I have to use dried (harder texture) dates, in which I’d only soak for about 10 minutes. Soaked items sort of make the crust more goopy…goopy, is that a word? :) Hope this helps.

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