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I have a question that I am hoping the many of you who have wheat sensitivies/allergies can address… Does oats, barley, etc. give you the same reaction? I have heard other’s in the past (not on this forum) say that they can have no grains because they are sensitive to wheat.

Also, can someone please give me more specific’s about what wheat can do as far as the hallucinagenic effects that I sometimes hear talked about.



  • I try to stay gluten free as much as possible. I notice a big difference when i eat even just a little (headaches, fatigue, stomach cramps etc..) I have a stronger reaction to things like wheat, then to ancient grains like Kamut.

    The following site gives a pretty detailed list as far as what grains have gluten and which dont.. http://www.csaceliacs.org/gluten_grains.php#Q. I have not investigated the authenticity of the information – but when i stick to the grains they recommend, i seem to do fine.

    As far as the hallucinagenic effects – i really dont know… when i eat wheat, it prompts migrains that are bad enough to cause hallucinations, does that count? :)

  • I dont know about the hallucinagenic effects of wheat, but I have had reactions to wheat for the past 2 years.

    Its funny, because you can have a gluten intolerance and not be allergic to wheat, but normally if your allergic to wheat you have a gluten intolerance also.

    Once I dropped all gluten products from my diet I felt an extreme change in my sinuses and my overall health. I was sleeping easier and never felt sick. I started putting oats into my shakes in the morning and night and I started getting sick again. So I believe I am allergic and have an intolerance to both.

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    Thanks for the website…very informative. I guys I am just trying to get an idea of what, if any grains, are safely included in a raw diet, as I am trying to create a raw bread recipe that will satisfy my family. So far, every one I have tried has bombed with them.

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