Raw foods in San Jose California?

Hello, I have to be at a work conference for an entire week almost in san jose at the convention center downtown. I wont even have a car. Doesn anyone know of ANY GOOD healthy places to eat there – and if any are all raw that would be even better. I have tried looking online, but found NOTHING for raw. Please let me know if you know!

Thank you, Feebee45


  • I do not think we have any raw food places directly in San Jose (where I am actually.) Closest is Berkeley and SF… then Santa Cruz.

    Though if I’m wrong and anyone knows of a place directly in San Jose I’d be appreciative of the information as well.

  • ugh. that’s a bummmer. any good health food markets or places that you know of in the downtown area would be helpful too – i’ll be at the marriot near the convention center. ive tried to look stuff up – but it seemed that all the vegan type places were just asian food places.

  • hrm, there is a market near the improv down town that I think has some more healthy things – but I usually shop at whole foods or trader joe’s myself so I am not 100% on that. Otherwise yeah, mainly asian food places…

  • There used to be a vegan restaurant called good karma right in the heart of downtown San Jose. I visited this place once in Nov’06 when I was working there.

  • just looked that up tggoesraw – thanks!


  • The Vegetarian House in San Jose has one raw food dish all the time. It is Raw Almond Noodle dish. There are also several vegan salads to choose from and they also have fresh coconut water. :)

  • Oh, San Jose also has its Downtown Farmer Market on Fridays.

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