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San Diego

Any word on the street about being raw in San Diego?

I’m strongly considering a relocation there.


  • I’m also curious about this as I’m moving to San Diego in November!!

    Moth, you live in Boston, right? I just moved out of Allston to spend some time home in NY before my move. I’m sooo looking forward to a non-Boston winter!

  • I have a friend who lives in San Diego, but last time I visited her I hadn’t started my journey towards raw foods…

    I imagine it’d be no worse there than elsewhere.

    They have farmers markets and such..

  • If you search on “San Diego” you will find some threads that discuss restaurants and other things raw in San Diego. I know we have previously discussed it a few times. There are a few of us active posters that live in San Diego. If you have any questions after reading those, ask away… :)

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